Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I am a tad ashamed to put this story out in the world, but alas....

An embarrassing but crucial continuation to this post...

So I was so kindly informed, or rather reminded that I have made these mistakes before... Once, I was about to wander into a gas station, leaving my keys in the car, with the car running. Luckily Kailey was there to knock some sense into my spacey brain. That very same visit to the gas station, I attempted (without any intention of doing so, mind you) to leave without paying for my delicious beverage. Wow I was on a roll. This however, is not my worst offense. No, no. All of this talk reminded me of yet another event.... This one is the worst and probably the funniest. I have only told a select few, so it's your lucky day my friends. I can't believe I am admitting this, but I must come clean.

So one stressful evening last fall, (Just keep in mind I was taking 15 credits, engaged, planning a wedding, living long distance from my fiance, and a smattering of other things Id like to just forget) I had forgot something in my apt at Oakridge, and of course I was running late. So I turned off my car in the parking lot (I just left my keys in the ignition because of course that will make things faster) and hurried inside to grab this said item. As I ran back out the door I heard ferocious honking. Someone was backing my car up hill and turning into another car... my thoughts were racing thinking "ahhhhh my car is being stolen." With more careful notice I realize that nope, there was surely no one in the drivers seat??? What was going on? I was thoroughly confused at this point. I stood there in complete shock  trying to figure out what I could possibly do to better this already worsening situation. The car went careening into the other car....SMASHCRASHCRUNCH. oh my. This was bad. I went running out.. and yup I somehow didn't get the car into park, left it in reverse while I ran inside. There may or may not have been angry expressions from my end as I ran up to see what the damage was. By some undeserved, but much appreciated miracle there was not a scratch on either car... The car full of people were actually very nice, although severely confused, considering what had happened. I just think about how much I would have laughed (especially with no damage to my car) at this bizarre and weirdo girl and her car... In any case, I drove away thinking, Wow I am a truly one of the dumbest people in the world. 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Infuriating pain

If you have never had a canker.. you are lucky. I am lucky enough that I get one of these bad boys at least once a month. I'm talking huge gargantuan cankers, always strategically placed in the worst possible places. They are these weird little soars on the inside of your mouth usually due to a cut or abrasion of some sort. They kill me. I literally started crying at work today because the one I have was hurting so bad. Just a disclaimer, I am not a wuss. I deal with pain, I do. I grew up with 4 brothers and a million cousins, mostly boys. I was not allowed to whine and complain often if ever. You whine, you don't play. I learned quickly. Anyway I researched a little about why you get these things. Its annoying that they don't know more about the cause. They just have a huge list of things that may or may not cause them. All I have found that works is to lather on "Kanka," a strange tasting 'numb'er of sorts to ease the pain at least for a few minutes. I mean people get them, i get that. But why do I get them soooo much? It infuriates me that I can't figure it out. This is such a lame post, but I am posting it anyway. Its strange how whiny it is, after I said how non whiny I usually am... ah well

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

too busy, too forgetful = ridiculous and unexplained situations

I am seriously loosing my mind. Yesterday I went to spinning class.. after class I couldn't find my keys. I ran outside freaking out and see in the distance that my car is running, lights on and everything. I am an idiot. I am so busy that I can't even remember to turn off my car. I'm just glad that one of those teens from across the street didn't come hijack my car to escape from their treatment center. Thank goodness I live in old foagy town USA. I wont be that lucky if this ever happens again... for my sake, and poor Steve (who puts up with my ridiculous spacey personality traits) I hope this first is the last.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Couldnt we all use a little more of this?

I came across this post randomly. I don't even know how? But I think this woman is incredible. A lesson a lot of people could take to heart. Let your children be who they are, and who they want to be. Is there any sense in trying to force someone to be someone they are not? I don't believe there is. The world needs more of these kinds of parents. People who are willing to love their children no matter what. No matter their struggles, or successes. Let them be happy because they have chosen to be true to who they are. I am so happy to have the most incredible parents. They love all of us so much and support us in our lives. I would not be where I am today without parents telling me to follow what I love and to be whoever I want to be. My mom still to this day tells me I could be an Olympic swimmer if I put my mind to it. It still makes me laugh. But she truly believes in me. My Dad has always inspired me to pursue my artistic path. He's always giving me that extra lift I need when I am down. I wish that more parents were understanding and supportive of their children. There are so many people putting us down, its awful to have the people closest to you adding to that. I hope that when I am a mother I am like this woman. Fearless and stalwart in raising her cute little boy. :)