Wednesday, March 24, 2010

handmade flower hair accessories

So I started to make these flower headbands... I have seen them done before and really wanted to make them! So if any of you lovely ladies are interested I decided I should try to sell some! I have lots of cute colors and can custom make something for you if you like! They can be made into bobby pins or headbands like this. I decided I would let you pick what type of headband or clip that you would like.

So here are some of the ones I have made already! 
There are lots of options and different color combinations to try!
Ok so if you are interested just email me at

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

little love story for ya

So I thought since we have been married for over THREE MONTHS now that I would just post a time line of sorts of some funny things that occurred while dating... some of them are pretty good.

I just love this picture.. 

This car, the famous gold grand prix, Steve drove this thing the night that we met.. So our first date.. Steve picks me up. we went to a haunted house, which can be weird.. you know everyone is all cuddly and clingy, could be weird on a first date. totally wasn't. So on the drive home, cruising down the highway in the grand prix Steve pops in his Enrique Iglesias CD. Pretty much just cause its the only CD he had that we both had all the songs memorized.. anywho we rolled down the windows and sang our hearts out to those classic songs.. my favorite was that Steve could hit those supper intense notes in the song that are near impossible. He is so tight.
Meeting the Fam... You might be thinking.. these pictures are really weird.. and yes they are. let me explain.. so when Steve met my extended family it was at our annual Halloween celebration.. tons of family, we all dress up and eat pie! Not really sure what either of us were thinking but we both are just weird.. Steve loves his bowling cheetah shirt tho.. wears it every time we go bowling... So i may just be bias but when i met Steves mom... it was worse then this... 

Yup told ya... worse.. so let me explain... it will take a little bit of background info to understand how it all went down.. in high school i swam on swim team.. somehow nicknames were created.. medusa became medu which became duey.. too long of a story to share.. my closest friends still call me that to this day.. kind of funny. anyway so my dear friend heather introduced me to Steve as Duey.. a couple weeks later he asked me what my real name was.. i had to laugh at that. I have people who think that Duey is my given birth name.. haha wow sorry to drag on.. so Steve so sweetly introduces me to his mother as Duey.. i wish i could have freeze framed her face as she unloaded groceries, hearing that her son is dating this girl with the name Duey.. it was classic.. so anyway Steve and I would go take pictures for my photo assignments and we got a little carried away in a field of mud... came back to his house and asked his mom to take a picture of us... Im pretty sure his mom made him hose off outside before going inside the house.

So we Graduated from Alta High School on 06/06/06 which i think is just cool. There were people all up in arms about devil worshiping and bad luck.. I just thought it was sweet.. my dad has always been fascinated with numbers and i am my daddy's girl i always find myself looking for number patterns or weird number things.. like when your speedometer turns over to 123456 or something.. its just cool call me crazy if you must, anyway back to the 666 thing.. we all turned out fine and we can all say we graduated on a cool day. Yay for being done with high school!

So then we both decided to become Aggies! And yes true and Ultimate as well.. i wont post those photos for those of you who have ears to hear... you'd really thank me if you knew.. google it. you'll laugh. Ill just post this pic of us at the Aggie basketball game! they are seriously some of the most fun games you will ever go to! if you haven't get yourself some tickets my friends.

October 5 rolled around fast and Steve an I had been dating for a year! We were trying to think of somethin fun to do. Steve pulled out a steak knife from the kitchen... we drove to old main and carved our initials in a tree. One of the funniest things it was pretty hard with that cheap Wal Mart knife.. but Steve did an excellent job if i do say so myself and its still there! we went
back this October! its been over 4 years now!

So then Steve moved home and got ready to go on a mission. He got called to Milwaukee Wisconsin.  So he left and was off to become a cheese head.. Yep that's two years ladies and gentlemen.

I had a good time here in Logan trying to get through all the school.. I did take a trip to Switzerland tho.. it was so wonderful!

So Steve returned from his mission and we started dating again :) it didn't take very long... we just knew that we wanted to spend our eternities together.. haha so cheesey.. but so true... So we got engaged. Steve took me up to the temple grounds and played me the song he wrote me high school... he added more onto the end with the engagement part. hes so cute! It was perfect!

So it all went down.. the Mawaige. December 18, 2009

So that's how it all went down folks.  
Together for eva