Saturday, January 23, 2010

All Tuckered Out

Lucky us! We got to spend the day with our little bud. He is such a cutie! After going with us to pick up some prescriptions, poor tucker was zonked.


Though adorable, our homeboy continues to show us that we are NOT QUITE READY for a little homeboy of our own. Whew... I think I at least need a job first! heh


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Monday, January 18, 2010

One month down....

three billion to go ;)

Well folks we've officially been married for a month! but who's counting right? Thanks to Martin Luther King we had a lovely holiday that canceled all the things we should be doing... school, work.. homework... all the boring things. So we decided to go sledding down old main hill. We got all bundled up in some hick-ville snow outfits and went on our way...
When we got to the hill my nerves kicked in.. I don't know why i was so afraid of going down a wussy hill.. i grew up on roller coasters and backyard swings (doing crazy flips and sorts..) It took some convincing by Steve to finally get me to down... but i think what ultimately made me want to finally swallow my fear and go were the fearless kids doing crazy things on their stomachs... I couldn't let them show me up anywho... so we had some fun going down the hill. Being the lovely poor students that we are we don't have any sleds so we decided black garbage bags would suffice. We poked holes in the bottom for our legs and then got inside of them to go down the hill! The hill was pretty icy so it worked pretty well!
After the sledding we decided to get some hot chocolate, we stepped out of our rockin subaru.. Steve, wearing a flannel shirt with huge honkin hunting boots and a snowflake tassel hat and i was wearing a blue furry bomber hat and colorful plaid boots... it was pretty funny! I'm sure the gas station attendant had a good laugh after we left.. i know i would have!

After my parents had called me for the seven billionth time trying to get me to go get an H1N1 shot we finally cracked and spent the 36 bucks to have some man at Walgreens stick me in the shoulder... i always think its weird that they stick shots in your shoulder.. I'm no doctor so i don't know if there is some reason for sticking it there but im a diabetic and I've given my fare share of shots and i see no use in having extra pain sticking it in the shoulder... maybe next time ill ask to do my own...

So then off to Olive Garden.. yum! stuffed ourselves of course.. good thing we don't go there often.. it would not be good for our lovely young figures ;) I probably eat enough for three people when dining there... but its so good I cant help myself... anyway then its home to watch 30 rock our new favorite show.. its seriously hilarious!


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I decided 4 minutes ago that I am going to start changing the color of this lovely blog often. I really quite enjoy this happy yellow color, it reminds me of spring... which I am quickly reminded every time I step outdoors is inevitably far away... or so it seems.. alas we all must wait for mr groundhog to give his report on February 2nd to know how long it will last... well tangent aside i think this yellow put me in a better mood.. i hope it does the same for you! I think we can all honestly say that this little fella made all of our days


Hello San Diego

Stepping off the plane in San Diego was like cracking open a brand new bottle of blue Poweraide. It was 60's and 70's pretty much the whole time. The first thing we wanted to do was go buy some shorts, since neither of us thought to bring any (duh...).

So here's the quick rundown on the fun activities

We cruised around Old Town seeing the sights. We noticed a little shop that had some really cool wood art, so we stopped in. It turned out to be a museum of African history. The man who ran it had a set of books that were written by Darius Grey about the African American Pioneers. Melissa's dad represented him for the publishing. Small world! He wouldn't let us go though... ha so we held his bird. (p.s. that's an African Grey Parrot, one of the smartest birds in the world)

We took a little stroll down at the harbor. It was a little place called Seaport Village. The festival of lights was going on in the harbor. People decorated their boats and made them all flashy. It was really pretty. Wish we had gotten some better pics of some of the cool ones. On the trolley back to the hotel we ended up talking to a man who lived in Draper before moving to SD. Right by where I grew up! The lady he was out with ended up being from WI!! Milwaukee and Marinette! What are the odds?! Probably not that good... How small is this world....

Next day's activities... SEAWORLD!!! They had all their holiday decor up. It was so much fun! Our favorite animals this time through were the Commerson's Dolphins. Oh my goodness they are so sweet! I had never seen them before. They are only able to hear the sounds they make, they cannot hear humans or any other sound waves. We cannot hear the sounds they make. Contrary to what this picture shows (unfortunate, I know) they usually swim upside down.

We also really liked these hats! There were all sorts of fun decorations and lights up on display!

There was a really funny walrus. He was up against the glass and kept spitting his food out at us. Then he'd suck it back in and show us the chewed nastiness in his mouth. He was such a goof! The funny part is that I can relate to him.....

This seal was a goof too. He was barking at everyone, trying to get us to throw him some food. Someone gave in, but before he could get to it, a bird came and took his fish haha. That's what you get for beggin!

Next day: ZOO DAY! We were both exhausted by the end of the day. There's just so much to see! Speaking of small worlds, we ran into Tyson Andrus and Bill and Chase Adams at the Hippos. It turns out we were in town the same week as the U of U bowl game. So many Utahns! It was really weird. Melissa loved the Giraffes the most. We got lucky, because there was a baby giraffe born the first week of Dec. He was a cutie! The koalas were out and about too! walking! I had never seen that before.

Now for the adventure... On Christmas Eve (our last day) we thought it would be sweet to go to the Temple. We didn't have a car, so we ended up taking a bus. We told the bus driver that we were not familiar with the area, so she told us when we were at the closest stop. It turns out we had to walk up a huge hill to get there. There were 2 key reasons why this was not good... 1. Melissa only had her heels from her wedding dress; and 2. I left my white shirt in Utah at our hotel. She was not a happy camper. Her feet were killin. There was a mall right across the freeway from the Temple, so we went to Ross to find a white shirt. While we were in line, Melissa said, "it's Christmas Eve, is the Temple even open?" She called and... no answer. We decided to walk over there anyway. We noticed that we would have to walk about an extra mile to get there, so we were going to cut through a parking lot. We looked at the Temple's lot... empty. It was closed. We sat down for a few to re-group. We went back and returned the shirt, since I wouldn't need it anymore. After getting Melissa some flip-flops so her feet would stop blistering, we went to the escalator to take us back to the lot we needed. Guess what wasn't working... the escalator. Only the "up" one, of course. We couldn't catch a break! I couldn't help but laugh! We hopped on a different bus, because it was closer than the other. It ended up taking the long way, all the way down the coast. Melissa was ticked haha. We finally made it back and headed over to the airport to go home. Whew... despite all the world combining against us, we made it!! It was the greatest ever!


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mawaige is what Bwings us Togevar Today!

Well all we are finally married! after 4 plus years! wahoo! The wedding was wonderful! there are a lot of people who helped us make our special day so fantastic! Thank you thank you!! So there are a couple of parts that id like to address....
The Dress...
so i picked up me dress a week or two early from the dress store... we found out that there was a slight problem with the jacket not staying put... so i spent a whole lot of time over at my grandmothers house while my mom and she tried to figure out how to fix it... dress on... dress off.... dress on... dress off... you get the picture... i finally reached a breaking point.. hated the dress never wanted to put it on again... i was just being over dramatic.. but the wedding day was hours away and it needed to be fixed! My sweet mom and grandma worked so hard... sewing on and off snaps... and little fasteners... finally it was fixed.. phew! (and just to be clear loved the dress and loved putting it on!) at the temple however we realized that it was still having a few problems... my mom ended up sewing me into the dress. good thing for handy mothers! she did great, even tho I was grumpy during some of the sewing sessions... sorry mom!
The necklace...
My sweet grandmother let me borrow her pearl necklace to wear that my grandpa gave her when they were first married! so cute! and it was so beautiful!
The morning...
Well of course being me i slept in on my wedding day.... woops! it brought to mind the song the little rabbit sings on Alice and wonderland...
I'm late i"m late for a very important date!
So i just threw on some sweats and was ready to run out the door at 6:15 when i realized my car was not in the driveway... ahhhhh luckily Marcus came cruising into the driveway minutes later with the car which he had used to finish his paper route.. wow what a stress.. good thing i slept in or i would have been panicking for longer then the few minutes i was... so i got to Christine's and she did a fabulous job on my hair! so quick and so wonderful! she is great! So i booked it home.. driving reasonably safe back to my house.. i had 20 minutes before i was supposed to be up at the temple... oh dear... so i hurried and put on my makeup and grabbed all my stuff and my mom and i cruised up to the temple. On the drive i realized i was still wearing my moccasins... woops.. so i had to put on the wedding heals.. which was a joy! we finally made it and it was all worth it! Steve was there and we were sealed together for eternity! What a wonderful feeling it is!
The in between...
So Steve and I had decided to go to lunch in between the wedding and reception. He is so sweet he surprised me and packed us both lunches! It was so good! wonderful sandwiches! We also went and satisfied our addictions to Blue Poweraid (Steve) and Diet Dr Pepper (Melissa). We went up to the rodeo grounds and ate while looking over the valley! first lunch together as husband and wife! He is so good to me! LOVE him!

Some more in between...
so we spent the rest of the time getting together things we still hadn't done... me packing (procrastinating...) getting together pictures... and honestly cant remember what else we even had to gather...the tv, the boys, our bags, all sorts of stuff.. I just remember running around frantically to get everything to take over to the reception to meet Randy for photos.
The Reception...
Well we were running late per usual. My mom had to sew me into my dress again.. what a pain.. again she was so sweet to me even tho i was being such a whiny pain... wonderful mommy! So we finally go out there and took some pictures! Randy did a wonderful job! Id recommend him to anybody looking for a photographer! He does wonderful work and is the nicest person! I'm so happy with the results!
The Line...
The line went for the full two hours... i took no break... ate no yummy chocolate fountain.. but i did take off my shoes and my brothers did happen to sneak me some Diet DP and some m&ms...but wow my back was killing me! we had the reception at Cactus and Tropicals! it was so beautiful! I loved it! Chocolate fountains, beautiful flowers. Everyone was running around setting things up! they all did so great! Liz White made my cake and it was amazing and Lexi Politis did all my flowers! they were incredible! My cousin Devin and his friend played the music and did a fantastic job! my brother Chris also sang! so great! Everything worked out great! we danced, ate cake laughed and then we were off! One of Steve's cousins gave us a ride in his hummer limo to the hotel!... it was so sweet!
So here we are happily ever after!