Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hello San Diego

Stepping off the plane in San Diego was like cracking open a brand new bottle of blue Poweraide. It was 60's and 70's pretty much the whole time. The first thing we wanted to do was go buy some shorts, since neither of us thought to bring any (duh...).

So here's the quick rundown on the fun activities

We cruised around Old Town seeing the sights. We noticed a little shop that had some really cool wood art, so we stopped in. It turned out to be a museum of African history. The man who ran it had a set of books that were written by Darius Grey about the African American Pioneers. Melissa's dad represented him for the publishing. Small world! He wouldn't let us go though... ha so we held his bird. (p.s. that's an African Grey Parrot, one of the smartest birds in the world)

We took a little stroll down at the harbor. It was a little place called Seaport Village. The festival of lights was going on in the harbor. People decorated their boats and made them all flashy. It was really pretty. Wish we had gotten some better pics of some of the cool ones. On the trolley back to the hotel we ended up talking to a man who lived in Draper before moving to SD. Right by where I grew up! The lady he was out with ended up being from WI!! Milwaukee and Marinette! What are the odds?! Probably not that good... How small is this world....

Next day's activities... SEAWORLD!!! They had all their holiday decor up. It was so much fun! Our favorite animals this time through were the Commerson's Dolphins. Oh my goodness they are so sweet! I had never seen them before. They are only able to hear the sounds they make, they cannot hear humans or any other sound waves. We cannot hear the sounds they make. Contrary to what this picture shows (unfortunate, I know) they usually swim upside down.

We also really liked these hats! There were all sorts of fun decorations and lights up on display!

There was a really funny walrus. He was up against the glass and kept spitting his food out at us. Then he'd suck it back in and show us the chewed nastiness in his mouth. He was such a goof! The funny part is that I can relate to him.....

This seal was a goof too. He was barking at everyone, trying to get us to throw him some food. Someone gave in, but before he could get to it, a bird came and took his fish haha. That's what you get for beggin!

Next day: ZOO DAY! We were both exhausted by the end of the day. There's just so much to see! Speaking of small worlds, we ran into Tyson Andrus and Bill and Chase Adams at the Hippos. It turns out we were in town the same week as the U of U bowl game. So many Utahns! It was really weird. Melissa loved the Giraffes the most. We got lucky, because there was a baby giraffe born the first week of Dec. He was a cutie! The koalas were out and about too! walking! I had never seen that before.

Now for the adventure... On Christmas Eve (our last day) we thought it would be sweet to go to the Temple. We didn't have a car, so we ended up taking a bus. We told the bus driver that we were not familiar with the area, so she told us when we were at the closest stop. It turns out we had to walk up a huge hill to get there. There were 2 key reasons why this was not good... 1. Melissa only had her heels from her wedding dress; and 2. I left my white shirt in Utah at our hotel. She was not a happy camper. Her feet were killin. There was a mall right across the freeway from the Temple, so we went to Ross to find a white shirt. While we were in line, Melissa said, "it's Christmas Eve, is the Temple even open?" She called and... no answer. We decided to walk over there anyway. We noticed that we would have to walk about an extra mile to get there, so we were going to cut through a parking lot. We looked at the Temple's lot... empty. It was closed. We sat down for a few to re-group. We went back and returned the shirt, since I wouldn't need it anymore. After getting Melissa some flip-flops so her feet would stop blistering, we went to the escalator to take us back to the lot we needed. Guess what wasn't working... the escalator. Only the "up" one, of course. We couldn't catch a break! I couldn't help but laugh! We hopped on a different bus, because it was closer than the other. It ended up taking the long way, all the way down the coast. Melissa was ticked haha. We finally made it back and headed over to the airport to go home. Whew... despite all the world combining against us, we made it!! It was the greatest ever!


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