Monday, January 18, 2010

One month down....

three billion to go ;)

Well folks we've officially been married for a month! but who's counting right? Thanks to Martin Luther King we had a lovely holiday that canceled all the things we should be doing... school, work.. homework... all the boring things. So we decided to go sledding down old main hill. We got all bundled up in some hick-ville snow outfits and went on our way...
When we got to the hill my nerves kicked in.. I don't know why i was so afraid of going down a wussy hill.. i grew up on roller coasters and backyard swings (doing crazy flips and sorts..) It took some convincing by Steve to finally get me to down... but i think what ultimately made me want to finally swallow my fear and go were the fearless kids doing crazy things on their stomachs... I couldn't let them show me up anywho... so we had some fun going down the hill. Being the lovely poor students that we are we don't have any sleds so we decided black garbage bags would suffice. We poked holes in the bottom for our legs and then got inside of them to go down the hill! The hill was pretty icy so it worked pretty well!
After the sledding we decided to get some hot chocolate, we stepped out of our rockin subaru.. Steve, wearing a flannel shirt with huge honkin hunting boots and a snowflake tassel hat and i was wearing a blue furry bomber hat and colorful plaid boots... it was pretty funny! I'm sure the gas station attendant had a good laugh after we left.. i know i would have!

After my parents had called me for the seven billionth time trying to get me to go get an H1N1 shot we finally cracked and spent the 36 bucks to have some man at Walgreens stick me in the shoulder... i always think its weird that they stick shots in your shoulder.. I'm no doctor so i don't know if there is some reason for sticking it there but im a diabetic and I've given my fare share of shots and i see no use in having extra pain sticking it in the shoulder... maybe next time ill ask to do my own...

So then off to Olive Garden.. yum! stuffed ourselves of course.. good thing we don't go there often.. it would not be good for our lovely young figures ;) I probably eat enough for three people when dining there... but its so good I cant help myself... anyway then its home to watch 30 rock our new favorite show.. its seriously hilarious!


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  1. Yeah for Old Main Hill! I'm glad you finally went!