Wednesday, March 24, 2010

handmade flower hair accessories

So I started to make these flower headbands... I have seen them done before and really wanted to make them! So if any of you lovely ladies are interested I decided I should try to sell some! I have lots of cute colors and can custom make something for you if you like! They can be made into bobby pins or headbands like this. I decided I would let you pick what type of headband or clip that you would like.

So here are some of the ones I have made already! 
There are lots of options and different color combinations to try!
Ok so if you are interested just email me at


  1. sheesh! Look at you go! Why have you been hiding this talent from me. These are all way cute!

  2. you are SO dang creative.
    i LOVE them.

  3. super cute, I have also gotten into making flower hair accessories and little bows, of course mine are more suitable for little girls and babies, not nearly so sophisticated as yours. I have been thinking about selling them too, so maybe we should start a business together :)