Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lasagna Disaster

So....a few Sundays ago we were having a nice family dinner... that is until I came along.. So my dad spent the morning making two lasagnas.. (he makes the most amazing lasagna in the world. He uses 4 kinds of cheeses.. man its just..YUM) so he made one lasagna with extra cheese... my dad hadn't got a lot of sleep so I offered to help him with dinner.. All I had to do was wait for the timer to go off and take the tin foil of the top of the lasagna..sounds easy enough. So as I'm pulling off the tin foil off of the extra cheesy lasagna some sort of oven rack catastrophe happened and the pan slid off of the rack onto the oven door I almost reached to grab the boiling glass pan as it careened out of the oven onto the floor.. for a split second i thought it would be ok...nope..think again just when i thought id be able to save it and no one would ever know the lasagna slid out of the pan onto my dads new chef mat... hahaha I screamed pretty loud...a word i shouldn't have.. I ruined it.. of course every one came to see what had brother was freaking out asking my dad how clean his rug he could still eat the cheesy lasagna... at least there were two... so we still got to have our dinner... just no leftovers... another clumsy Melissa moment haha


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  1. oh my gosh! this picture makes me laugh. your story was great but seeing it is even better.