Friday, May 14, 2010

Risky and unexpected undertakings in the night

Ok so I cannot stop laughing, my gosh... i don't know why this is so funny but I'm at work pretty much peeing my pants with laughter... Before I tell you why, I want to preface some of my previous adventures in my sleep. When I was about 10 years old I slept walked into my parents bathroom in the middle of the night, pulled out what i must have thought was a cup and took a ginormous swig. I wandered back to my room across the hall and got back in bed. I woke up moments later to my mom calling me from her room and an awful taste in my mouth. ick. the thought of it still makes me sick 12 years later. Luckily my mom had sensed something weird was going on (moms are quite good at that) Without knowing it I had taken a Giant swig of Caladril (or calamine lotion, its that disgusting pink liquid that your mom puts on bites and stings so that you wont itch them. serious go smell it and then feel bad for me. It was the most disgusting thing I have ever tasted. My mom freaked out once she found out what I had drank, and called poison control. As she is on the phone i felt it coming.. I ran to the bathroom and started to throw up. more times then i care to remember. Meanwhile the poison control person is telling my mom that i will probably throw up but I will be fine.. ya thanks lady. Anywho so what seemed like hours later (probably less than one in all actuality) I'm still throwing up and i'm so dehydrated that I have to be taken to the hospital and given an IV (my first ever) gee.. I have not thrown up since that day, and the smell of caladril lotion is the only thing that has made me even come close to throwing up again...Needless to say I thought my sleep walking days had ended after that nightmarish event until a week or two ago. I woke up early in the morning with a half eaten squished piece of bread in my hand. I think my body had sensed that I had low blood sugar (yes I am a diabetic in case you didn't know) and I had got up to take care of the problem.. in my sleep. Steve came in a few minutes later and was in hysteria when I told him what happened... So onto the events of last night... in the middle of the night I woke up mid head butt... Yes. I seriously must have sat up and headbutted Steve.. in my sleep... I have no idea how that happened or what made me do it. All I know is that it hurt. bad. At least it was the back of my head that got the blow, poor Steve got the smack down right to his frontal noggin (aka eyebrow) we both just went back to sleep. Now Steve is pretty used to me throwing elbows and such in the middle of the night (sorry hun) but when I told him what really had happened we were both in hysterics this time.. and I seriously cannot stop laughing!

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  1. oh my heavens you are a crazy.
    so glad you never throw up.
    i hope pregnancy doesn't have that effect on you!!!
    [because i am a puking machine now days]
    but funniest is the head but. i am the crazy sleeper in this family but one morning i woke up and nic kept saying they don't have the puffy ones only the small ones (about marshmallows) then would head but me. but luckily very soft.
    thanks for reminding me of that stroy.
    you two are the cutest ever ever ever.