Saturday, May 8, 2010

a totally random assortment of events of late...

So a few things to mention... the pic above is one random night steve and I decided to dye our hear for fun haha nothing crazy just a tad darker brown.. I thought the bags on our heads were reason for a photo... haha 
So this pic is the injury I acquired from an x-acto knife... hurt so bad... cut a huge chunk out of my finger... it hurt... bad... I'm a klutz... that's all there is to it
So I was complaining about not having shoes one day and my mom laughed and said ok ill buy you a pair of shoes for every pair you throw out.. I couldn't believe how hard it was to throw out shoes i don't even wear... i have attachment issues i guess.. so here they are... the poor unwanted shoes...
Steve and I made some homemade dry ice Rootbeer for one of my classes. It was so yummy! I had to go buy a dowel (which as you can see was way too long) to stir the rootbeer and make sure the dry ice didn't stick to the bottom.

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