Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Graduating? WHAT?

So I've started my last semester at Utah State. It is a very strange feeling. I keep having mixed feelings about the whole thing. I am definitely excited to move on but there are points where I know that I will miss being in school. I am doing a double emphasis in graphic design and printmaking. I have completely fell in love with printmaking. I love graphic design and what it has taught me as well. I have felt stronger about what I have been doing in printmaking lately, but I definitely believe that design is crucial in anything I do. I love to create things. I always have. Design has taught me so much about creating something beautiful to fill the world with. I love when I see something unexpected that has simplistic beauty. Advertisements in magazines, book covers, the chair that was tipped up in a stack today in my design classroom, or the way sometimes the clutter on my desk creates interesting patterns. Yes, I know I am incredibly strange. I also love seeing some perfectly placed type on a poster somewhere. Design is everywhere and I am so glad that I have learned to notice it and to appreciate its beauty. I have learned so much from my teachers here at Utah State. My printmaking teacher Kathy Puzey (also known as Cathy Puvey) is an amazing woman. She has so much talent and love for the processes in printmaking. I love that she has taught me to embrace the things I create and respond to the things that work in my prints. She has truly helped me develop my love for the creative. (can you use that as a sentence?) I am so grateful to her for inspiring me and helping me achieve what I have been working towards. I would have to say she is one of the greatest teachers this university has to offer. Every teacher should be able to inspire you and help you learn more about yourself like she has helped me. Wow that sounds cheesy, but in all seriousness Kathy is incredible. Another professor that has changed my life is Bob Winward. I was lucky enough to go on a design study abroad trip to Switzerland a few summers ago. This man's heart is in the right place. He has so much zest for design and for beautiful things. He is all about helping you find out about yourself and the work you create. I just remember looking up to him and wanting to learn all about the things he had to show us. Switzerland started a huge transformation for me and my art. I really don't think I would be where I am without it. I also took a class from him a few semesters ago that really inspired me. He has a way of giving you hope and getting you excited about design. This has been an extremely cheesy post, but whatevs I'm cool with it. I am excited for whats next. Ill be staying in Logan for another year until Steve finishes and then I'm seriously considering (pretty much already decided) to go to grad school in printmaking/letterpress... who knows!

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