Saturday, January 22, 2011

James Victore

On Friday, I attended a workshop at UVU for graphic designer, James Victore.  I was legitimately surprised at how much I took away from the experience. I wasn't really even sure about what he was going to say, or what was going to happen. Ironically, the first thing he talked about was being BRAVE. Being able to, "be the person you want to be, and be cool with it." I think that really applies to anything in life, any career, and anyone's lifestyle. Trying to be anything for somebody else will usually just be frustrating. Be content with being yourself. This has really opened my eyes to how and why I am designing and creating. I have been frustrated with a lot of things over my student career. Like every student I have struggled with what I want to pursue, and who I want to become. I think it will always be a challenge to decide these things in life. You can't always know where your life is going, and its terribly frustrating at times. Another thought that I've been thinking about is why are we always trying to be something or someone else? Are we just not content with what we have made of ourselves? Will I be able to look at my life in 5 years and say, yes, this is where I want to be? This is quite terrifying for me to think about. I've had so many great experiences in the art department here at Utah State. They haven't all been easy, or enjoyable to be honest, but I have learned so much here and met so many wonderful people. I look back to where I was 5 years ago starting here at USU and It is unbelievable how much I have changed. I am excited to continue to learn and to become a better me. (holy cheese fest. sorry all) Hopefully you found something in there useful or inspiring :)

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