Friday, January 14, 2011

Some goals for my soul

I don't know why I've been posting so much? It probably has something to do with the fact that up until this week I have had a lot of free time (I already miss it). Anyway who knows if I will slow down? So I've been thinking about some goals for myself this year. Maybe if I write them somewhere I cant possibly lose them, they will be more affective? We shall see.

1. Read all of Jane Austin's Books
2. No Sugar (not only to lose weight but to have better control of my diabetes.) I have gone two days so far... so its going well haha I really am going to do it. I have an increased amount of ambition for this one.
3. Graduate from College
4. Find a job I will love doing
5. Think more positive things about myself
6. Be less bossy and impatient
7. Use the computer less (such a waste of time)
8. A1C (diabetic test) at a 6.5 or lower
9. Don't cut my hair (trying to grow it out) 
10. Make some beautiful prints to go in BFA show
11. Eat healthier meals (and learn new recipes)
12. sketch or draw something every day
13. Exercise 3+ times a week

Well I love the number 13 so I will stop there. Wish me luck on these. Ill probably add more to the list as more things come to mind :) I have a good feeling about 2011.

extra add ons

14. Stand up to the jerks who try and tell me I cant and prove them wrong
15. Drink 8 glasses of the good stuff (water) a day


  1. How many times have you wanted to grow your hair out Meliss? :) I know it'd look great, so good luck!