Saturday, February 26, 2011

I'm sorry to say so but, sadly it's true that bang-ups and hang-upscan happen to you.

Thank you Dr. Seuss.

I'm starting to wonder if peoples brains are getting progressively smaller by the snow storm. Seriously, it's like this is Utah, learn how to drive and operate yourself during questionable weather. Use your head.

I was dreading driving home last night because I know how ridiculous people get when its dumping snow outside. On a side note, the last snow storm we had my two friends and I decided we were going to go up to a work out class on campus. I drove, and on our way back I got infuriated at a truck speeding past us on the steep road... Alisa then pointed out I was going 12 miles an hour. Hahaha embarrassing. It was pretty funny tho. I was shouting, "who does this fool think he is?" Turns out, I was being the brainless fool.

Anyway back to the real story. I'm driving home and the roads are BAD. Of course the snow plows have yet to grace us with their presence. I decided to drive down 10th North, thinking it wouldn't be as steep... Nope, my memory failed me. There were 5 cars pulled over on the side of the road. People were out trying to push each other up the hill. First I see this car drive past me with a girl sitting on the hood of the car? What an idiot. It's snowing profusely and you think its a good idea to be cruising down the road sitting on the hood of a car going 20... Ya smart. It gets worse. As I am slowly (due to the large amount of people on the road) driving down the hill, this love couple has decided it would be fun to skip down the middle of the road. I am pretty ticked off by this point. I had to follow these moronic fools down the hill going under 5 miles an hour. I haven't gone that slow since drivers ed. My car was sliding and I flashed my lights several times and yet this couple just thought it was so fun to be in love sliding down the hill together. NO. You are dimwits. ONE, you are out skipping around in a blizzard. TWO, you are on a very steep road with a million cars sliding around and yet you don't have any hesitation for you idiotic acts. Three, I was secretly hoping they would fall. Be glad I was decent enough to put up with you DSH (dumb stupid humans).

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