Friday, February 18, 2011

Stylish Blog Award

The rules go like this: 
First...Thank the person who gave you the award
Second...Share 7 facts about yourself
Third...Award 7 new bloggers with the award (and comment them so they know they've won!)

Thanks Devri for the award!

Seven Facts.... Lets see

1 I love art. Printmaking and Design are my loves.

2 I am a diabetic (type one, and if you ever ask me if I got diabetes because I used to be fat I WILL punch your face, you ignorant fool.)

3 I won a car, a lovely green Subaru in high school. My number was 13. It's lucky.

4 I am married to a man named Steve. He has beautiful blue/green eyes and grows an occasional mullet. I love him.

5 I come from a family of book lovers. In turn I LOVE to read. There is nothing like reading a book well into the night.

6 I don't like to wear socks, they make my feet claustrophobic. Exception: when I wear sneakers to work out, then it is a must.

7 The giraffe is my favorite animal. It's a lovely animal.

Seven other Lovelies (you should check them out!)

Joni Severe
Love this girl, she always has some really great art and insights.
Courtney Winnie
She has an incredible portfolio, her photos are beautiful.
Lexi Politis
Did my flowers for my wedding, she has a lovely style.
Tosha Seeholzer
Oh Tosh, So creative and design savvy 
Pam Wilkins
A witty and creative girl, I love her posts
Bonnie Herrmann
I can't read a post without laughing, this girl is hilarious!
Mandi Christensen
So stylin, I love her 30 for 30 challenges. Beautiful taste!


  1. MELISSA! THANK YOU! You're so sweet!

    And you seriously won a car?! HOW?

  2. It was called "keys to success." Ken Garff did it for 50ish schools in the area. You were either nominated by a teacher or had good grades.. They narrowed us down to 50 and we got a key. We all tried them in the ignition and I won with the key that started it :) It was a used car but still an awesome, not to mention free car!