Sunday, July 10, 2011

Geometric Jewelry

For some reason I got in a super crafty mood while sitting at home all day one Saturday. I needed to try some of the things I have been wanting to make. First, my inspiration came from my lovely friend Tosh. I saw here tutorial HERE on her blog and had to try this. I love how it turned out. They were so fast and easy to make. I made earrings, a necklace and my favorite idea... magnets. I am obsessed with magnets. Seriously why not spiff up your fridge?

Here are the earrings I made, I used Folk Art Plaid acrylic paint. Silver and gold metallic and blue which I painted over with silver to give it a nice shimmer.

Second, I made these earrings. I got the idea from ISLY. Melissa always has great tutorials on her blog. Check it out HERE. I used the same shimmery acrylic paint on the leather to give it some contrast. I also painted another coat on top using olive oil (a great tip from ISLY). I thought it would be fun to use the beads I made as an accent to the feathers. These feathers were super easy to make, seriously leather is a lot of fun. I am definitely going to be experimenting more.

I have a love for magnets... for a long time I have just been using my bottle cap magnets. They just make my fridge more exciting... See?

So I thought these would be a fun addition...

I just glued some magnets to the back and there you have it! Some more fun magnets to hang things on my fridge.


  1. I LOVE what you did! Your earrings turned out amazing!!

  2. ooh good idea with the magnets! i should turn some of my extra geometric bead what-have-yous into them! You are a genius! well done my friend. love it!