Monday, October 17, 2011

The grasshopper who saved me...

For the past several months I have been disgusted and, I'll be completely honest, terrified of grasshoppers. Maybe terrified is the wrong word. It is mostly a fear of when walking past the old ragged bushes on my way to the bus having them jump at me like bullets in a battle field. Seriously. Terrifying.

Steve just laughs at me, but it really gets my heart rate going. As I walk, cautiously, knowing from previous experience that the second I place my foot down there will be jumbles of them jumping in the air flying to escape being stepped on. I am proud to say I never stepped on one. The fact remains that I am scared of these little jumpy menaces. As I was pondering this today as I walked out of my apartment welcomed by ten or fifteen jumpers, it hit me. I am a wimp. I am that wimpy girl that my four brothers never allowed me to be. I am scared of a little bug? A bug that when I was little taking piano lessons I would capture little crickets as I waited for my ride and take them home for pets. It is a little embarrassing to admit this weird habit of mine, but it happened. What has happened to me?? Have I lost my toughness. Am I not that tough little girl anymore that can stand her own and play with all the boys? Shame on me. Seriously bothered by this little epiphany I was determined to change my fate.

All the way home I planned my mission. I will touch a grasshopper, nay I will hold a grasshopper for at least a few seconds.. 10 seconds. I can do that. It's long enough to prove myself and short enough to not hurt the disgusting little hopper. I had my mind set. I got out of the car. For once I couldn't see them all jumping about. I suppose with the cold weather they are being minimized by the fated Logan winter. As I secretly thought joyfully to myself that maybe I just wont be able to hold one, I saw it. The hopper. It was mine. I looked at it, reached and retreated. Determined I cupped both hands over him and picked him up. For ten seconds of agony I held the little bug... jumping frantically in my hands. My heart was about to explode but I would not accept defeat. I had done it. I have overcome this stupid, unreasonable hatred for the disgusting little jumpers. He jumped away and I thought to myself...

I'm back!

No grasshoppers were harmed in the achievement of this goal.

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  1. Awesome Melissa! I love the tinny slice of life that most people would just ignore or miss. Thanks for sharing