Friday, January 6, 2012


If you know me.... well... I need not explain.

Helllllloooo 2012. I really cannot fathom that this is our current year. It just does not compute, no matter how many times I go over it in my head. Well, what kind of human would I be if I didn't at least try to make some resolutions huh?

I have always been a terrible goal maker/keeper. Resolutions...? not really much difference between the two. I have always tried to think of some good resolutions but never really became passionate enough about them. Maybe I just haven't found something to be incredibly dedicated to? I do move from thing to thing, project to project. I am one who loves change and new exciting things. Hence why my goal making/keeping is usually a sporadic mess.

This year I was trying to think of things I could resolve to actually accomplish... I kind of lost track of time and by the time I came around to pondering this again...well here we are in two thousand and TWELVE and I have yet to actually set some resolutions. I do have one set... thanks to my parents. For my birthday they gave me this great sketch journal. I am pretty excited about it. A sketch for every day. I am pretty motivated and terrifically tickled with excitement about filling this baby up. I love to sketch so I am pretty sure this will be a good resolution for me. Thank you Dad and Mom for helping me set a resolution. One I am desperate to actually keep.

With resolutions fresh on my mind and after a conversation with my dad earlier today (about how a yellow light air day compares to living with a smoker. A red light day, well you might as well be a smoker if you are breathing that gross air. Thank you inversion) I found myself craving a drink... Diet Dr Pepper... my beloved vice*. Needless to say I questioned using the car. I decided I would get a little bit of exercise in order to obtain my drink... maybe work on one of those resolutions I have yet to commit to... eh hm weight loss? Good idea right? I did, however, question this "good idea" several times on my journey to and from the station. I am getting ahead of myself.

I live a hop skip and a jump away from a gas station but in an attempt to be an overachiever I decided to go to the one located up the street a bit farther. Quite a bit farther as I found out along the way. It's amazing how much closer things seem from the comfort of... lets say your motor vehicle or even a bicycle?

 I figured it would be beneficial for me to count my steps on this lovely little stroll to see how much ground I covered. I can't really say for sure that footsteps are a valid measurement for distance, but I counted them anyway. As I was strolling, counting to 100 repeatedly I realized how hard it was to count to 100 over and over without loosing count or track of my thoughts. My mind went everywhere. I think I will spare you the details of exactly where it went. All I will say is that I came up with some pretty creative things while inadvertently distracting the mathy side** of my brain. In turn my creative, free thoughts went wild without the distractions from the more analytical side of my brain. After my 3,636*** step journey came to an end as I walked up my porch steps I realized I rather enjoyed myself, aside from it being a much lengthier trip on foot than I had first anticipated.

I think I may be making this journey frequently, as long as this weather holds up?

I suppose I should make some real resolutions now? Maybe even some plans to keep them. I am not sure if this trip made a resolution maker/keeper out of me yet.

Only time will tell.

* I have no intentions of quitting or attempting to resolve myself of this beloved vice (a better phrasing than habit if you ask me)

** This is in no way an attempt to seem smarter or more scientific than I actually am. If you want to get technical here then I'd have to direct you elsewhere... I found this pretty interesting.

*** I may or may not have walked up and down my front steps in order to make that number become a cooler number... I also may have lost myself in counting a couple of times in the 70s... so, this number may not be completely accurate. 

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  1. You are hilarious! I love you. I hope you had an awesome birthday. It was so fun seeing you over the break.