Thursday, December 10, 2009

The real story... the girl version.. all the good details included

Ok so here's the real story... the detailed girl version ;)
One warm Wednesday night in July of 2005 a good friend of mine invited me to go play night games with her and some neighborhood kids. I had been in one of those anti social moods lately so I wasn't particularly in the mood but I decided I needed to get out and have some fun. So i went. Little did i know i would be meeting the love of my life that night... oh woops did i ruin the surprise.. foil the punch line... so sorry anyway so we arrive at this event of sorts to play night games. After a very unsuccessful game of capture the flag (i wont go into details, i don't think my competitive nature could handle reliving the embarrassing nature of the loss) I finally was introduced to some of the kids that we were playing with.. one of which was a tall, very handsome boy names Steve. As I watched him, I became curious, interested if you will. I then overheard him talking to another lady.. giving her his number… oh dear… I couldn’t allow for the night to end without attempting to flatter him! So later on as Steve was heading towards his car, a beautiful shimmering golden grand prix... I took my opportunity… this was my chance.. As he walked by I casually put my hands on my hips and heartily shouted "sweet car!" (all I could think to say.. wow I was so lame!) It didn’t help that all he said in return was.. "hey thanks" but as he drove away.. Did I feel disheartened? no… discouraged? never!… in my heart of hearts I really thought to myself… ill be seeing him again

Special acknowledgments... To Heather Olsen... i love you girl! We owe you our first born child's name ;)



  1. hahaha LOVE it! Can't say I miss that car though.........

  2. How cute I am glad you have a blog!!! Hoe your getting excited for the Big Day it is sooo much fun you will love being married!!

  3. It took me staring at your blog name forever and trying to say it a million ways to finally figure out that it's your names backwards! Too cute! I sure love you guys!