Sunday, December 13, 2009

Extravaganzas of all sorts!

There are several parts to this weekend that i would like to address...

A. My first time going to the Temple!
The Temple! I got to go for the first time on Saturday! it was wonderful! We had some troubles getting everyone there... the sky decided to dump lots of pretty snowflakes on us... roads were bad.. driving even worse.. but we all made it there and it was amazing! So grateful for such wonderful friends and family!

B. Family Christmas Parties:
Now those of you who dont know my family here is a preface to this section.. Both sides.. LOVE to get together often! I am very grateful for this! its so fun to be close to your family! I really could not imagine not being as close as I am to them all! Anyway so ever since i was just a youngling we have been getting together for family Christmas parties. They are joyous occasions. Lots of GOOD food and even better company. and lots of funny traditions of course!
1. My Dads side of the family. Last year we started a tradition of going to Maddox up in Brigham City for a yummy yummy dinner.. (if you know me at all you will know what a carnivore i am.. lets just say.. a waiter once smirked at me and told me i shouldn't order a full rack of ribs, but rather go for the puny and pathetic completely unsatisfying 4th of a rack.. ya forget that... i got the full. ate the full. clean). anyway so my Grandpa Romriell is such an amazing guy! He buys us dinner and we all get to catch up and enjoy talking and laughing.. all listening to my dad and his brothers crack jokes.. classic dry humor! I love it! We all exchange gifts too! This year was particularly dangerous tho... we had to get through the massive snow dump to get to the restaurant! it was insane.. im just glad Steve drove and not me.. you wonder what all those snow blowers were doing taking a holiday on such a crazy snow day.. silly I say. But we all made it safe so hurrah!
2. My Moms side of the family has a Christmas shindig every year as well.. when we were young it used to be held at this really old church out in the middle of no where (i say this because i have no idea where the church is actually located. I'm pretty sure its somewhere fairly close but as children it takes a gazillion years to get anywhere so therefore.. in the middle of no where it will remain). These parties are great! Santa, talents, food, of course, Musical Chairs, white elephant gifts, even a pinata! oh and lets not forget lots of kids running around in circles driving all the adults insane.. such wonderful times! ask any of our mothers... Fond memories. Now days we all get together at my Aunt Tammys house. Still lots of fun! One of the traditions that still holds strong is our annual musical chairs.... I am a very competitive person. hate to lose. lost at musical chairs :( there's always next year.. ill win someday.

C. To end this horrendously long post i want to just say.... we get married in five days! It is about time! Cant wait! I love my Stephen! Merry Christmas!!!


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