Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I love Easter! My family growing up used to color eggs and my parents: aka easter bunny would hide them around our house. They would always hide them in the most clever places! And as tradition...always one in all of our shoes. My mom would always buy interesting things for us to use to dye our eggs. Even though we are all quote on quote grown up now we still love to color the eggs! this year my mom bought an egg color kit that made golden eggs! there was also one that made the eggs look like this... Pretty sweet! That big purple one is one that my dad mixed 1/8th a cup of all the colors...couldn't believe how pretty it was!

Look how pretty! We always have to take some eggs over to my grandmas for our egg hunt... you never are too old for one of those :) this year we weren't able to do it because of all the snow... grrr. im sick of all the snow! Come on its spring!
This is one of the eggs that is the golden egg mix.  its funny how all of the eggs on the box never look the same when you do them... ours turned out so much cooler tho!
My clever daddy made these eggs. He boils onion skins and they turn the eggs this pretty golden color!
We like to draw on the eggs with permanent marker... my brother Marcus is super creative!
So my parents are so cute! We joked around about when they met... seriously so funny! If you ever want to have some funny conversations ask your parents about when they were dating! So funny... Anywho so when they were first dating they started calling each other honey stu (dad) and honey stew (mom). Since I can remember they always write on the eggs... so here is the one from this year! i thought this was a clever shot... haha love it!
And I cant forget it was Steve and my first Easter this year together so well cheesy or not here it is...
Happy Easter Everyone!

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  1. sheesh! very impressed with the egg decorating skills. we didn't even do that this year. you inspire me :)