Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Question, why is your brain turned off?

Can you turn your brain on and off?

This has been on my mind lately. I have lived my whole life around boys. I have 4 brothers. I have like 20 first cousins all of which are boys except a mere 6 who are girl, and they are all quite a bit younger than me. I've been dealing with them my whole life and I cannot wrap my brain around this question. Let me start with some examples relating to my question.

Sometimes I say things without thinking... ok I do it a lot. Like the time I told my Dad to "get it through his tiny little brain." I can't remember why I said it, only that he was annoying me and it just came out. It only made things worse when he started uncontrollably laughing at my statement and exasperation.

So last week we were down visiting my family. Our family dinners are, to put it lightly unreasonably preposterous. Why? you may be thinking? I have 4 brothers and all of us are very opinionated, not to mention all filled with dry humor, thanks to my dad. So we all talk at the same time and it's hilarious if you just sit back and try to figure out what is going on. As my mom says you are all driving me crazy, talk one at a time and listen to what the others are saying. Anyway so we are trying to do "best and worst" this tradition my family has done since the beginning of time. We go around and say our best and worst things of the day or week. It's very enlightening, especially when one of my brothers tries to say his best is dinner and he doesn't have a worst. The things they come up with sometimes... But my mom loves it so we do it. So during one of these sessions my dad was asking one of my brothers to do something and of course he was just off in the never neverland of his brain... So i yelled "Marcus. brain. turn it on." Of course my dad is in hysterics at my comment yet again.

Living with boys my whole life you would think that I would have figured out this little problem and come to terms with it. It still bewilders me that you can be thinking nothing. It makes not a bit of sense to me. I love you boys but seriously. BRAINS. TURN THEM ON!


  1. I 100% agree!! And personally I think they are lying or don't get what it means to be thinking about something..... I don't know guys are crazy!

  2. Hahaha, never a dull moment with this fam!