Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Nausiation on the fast food front

Something to note. I found my green metal straw! the excitement of this finding is more than you will ever know. There is a large and over sized smile on my face.

I also like to mention something that has bothered me for quite some time. I didn't really notice how much it bothered me until Steve started laughing at my comment as we passed this location the other day. It is trivial but i don't care. its worth noting. So there is a Taco Bell by my home in Sandy Utah. This Taco Bell decided to revamp its old and quite out of date store front. Good idea?.. think again. Every time I drive past this taco time i think to myself, those are not the colors I want to be seeing while I eat a *disgusting burrito. Bright orange, green, yellow..I understand they are festive and probably have some native meaning associated with the type of food served there. Please, you are a fast food restaurant. get some colors that don't make people want to puke at the thought of your food. (I suppose this could have something to do with my dislike for certain mexican foods.)

*I am not a big fan of mexican food. Mostly big nasty burritos filled with all sorts of crap mushed together. The thought of it just makes me twirl with nausiation. (I know its not a word. I like to make up words when there is lack of a better one)


  1. MELISSA...or should I call you assilem? Devri here—I mean Irved...really my name backwards is pretty awesome huh :)

    I saw on facebook you have a blog! Hurray...I do too. Now we can be friends in the real AND virtual world. My blog is private, so tell me your email on facebook and I will invite you to read. Hope all is going well for you :)

  2. couldn't agree with you more about taco bell. they definitely went from nasty to puke-nasty when they underwent the change.

  3. ha ha...you're a goof ball. I LOVE burritos! when I get back we will go to lunch and I will order you a burrito you will love :) Also, yay on finding your straw, I know how much you love it :) I wish I had one...maybe after we're done eating a burrito we will go get me a metal straw.