Friday, June 4, 2010

Ok so I'm a little bitter, maybe a bit angry too

Yesterday was the most ridiculous day I have experienced in a long time... So i'll start at the beginning. I got a speeding ticket. On mothers day. Lame. I know im not a mother but seriously cut a woman a break. Someday ill have screaming kids in the back of the car and maybe then someone will feel sorry for me and do me favor. It doesnt help that i look like a young teenager. (just a side note. While out to lunch, celebrating my brothers graduation, i get told Im the one that looks like i was graduating. Then later that same day the lady at costco mistakes me for a graduate as well. This is my life. Ya someday in life I will appreciate it. Today I do not and will not).

Anyway my ticket. It was at that absurd place in logan where the speed changes from 60 to 55 to 45 to 35 all in a matter of a minute. Stupid. If you live in logan you know what im talking about. If you don't I am sure you can imagine. Enough wining, so yesterday I decided I should probably finally take care of it before they charge me the 50 dollar late fee. My word these people like to collect. So I called on the phone to try and take care of it. I wanted to sign up for traffic school, that ridiculous excuse of a class where the cop just tells old stories. I mean ya it was kind of entertaining when I went, but seriously such a waste of time. So I call up the number on my ticket. "sorry m'am we cant do that for you over the phone." ok lady first of all, don't call me m'am, I hate it. Second of all, well, there is no second of all I just don't like being called m'am. So she tells me that I have to go down to the city justice court place.. (don't know the official term. sorry) So I drive down there, meanwhile dealing with logan drivers, logan rush, with a whole bunch of construction. Just lovely.

I go through the security gates and to the office where there are a congregation of 6 women at this desk.. just sitting there with nothing to do. I walk up to the girl and tell her what I want to do. "Oh sorry hun you can't do that here." (rage and fury building up in my face). I dont know which is worse, someone calling me m'am or hun. dispicable. So she tells me I have to go to the building with the gold dome. Ok seriously that is all the direction you have to offer me? She then proceeds to point at (or i suppose threw) the wall. So I thank her (grugdingly) and go on my merry way.

I then drive around trying to figure out what this "gold dome" place is. The only 2 places with any sort of gold topping are the tabernacle (I am pretty sure thats not the place that will be taking my money) and the visitors center... hm.. what to do. So I go into the building next to the visitors center because it looks like more of what im looking for. Im informed that I am, yet again, in the wrong place. So I stroll over to the visitors center and up to the 3rd floor. The girl at the desk informs me that she doesn't know what to do for me because the lady that usually takes care of this "stuff" is out sick. Again, lovely. Finally she gets some help. This lady tells me that I have to go print my driving record and get a copy of my citation, then come back, then pay 80 dollars to them, then go back to the first place I went and pay them 40 more dollars. Alrighty Ill just spend the rest of my day doing this.

So with gumption I head back out into traffic and over to the Drivers License Division. Oh yay! So I get there and the line is pretty much out the door. Great. So as I walk in there is this guy who asks me if he can borrow a pen. With confusion, as im seeing a million pens on the table right next to him, I give him one. weird? just wait. So he then proceeds to talk for the next 45 minutes. Straight. Mostly about his experiences on roller coasters. He just go back from Euro Disney... and I heard all about the matterhorn... and how when it first opened a man was decapitated on the ride... there were gorey details I will spare you. "this coaster, that coaster, you should go to this park and go on this coaster. Wow it was hard to just be nice and nod along, but I did. He was nice, just weird. So he turns around to go up to the desk when it is his turn.. Hes in a red sweat suit looking thing. Shorts I may add. All red, with a whole in the derriere. I could not help but laugh. So he goes and sits down. I finally get my printout. I had to pay 6 dollars. whatever. So as im looking it over I have two citations.

1. I hit a deer late one night and decided to call the cops to come take care of it. it was still alive, in the road. I figured it shouldnt have to suffer, or cause another accident. As a result I get issued a citation for a suspended license... what????  I find out that I have to fill out this form, since I am diabetic, and have my doctor analyze whether I am capable of driving once a year and send it in. It might help if I knew about this form or even got the form? Another point for the logan police. Thanks.

2. I got a citation for improper lookout in the accident I "caused." Still dont think it was my fault. The idiots in front of me were turning and all the sudden changed there mind and stopped so wam there I go into the back end of their car... anyway... so I cant even take the class.. Then I find out my license has been (denied) yet again for this paperwork from my doctor. I just cannot catch a break. I had already turned in the paper so I guess the DL people take there time when getting these things taken care of. "well we sent it to you the first of may" ok ya so I recieved it on may 20th and you expect me to be able to get it faxed to my doctor and have her fax it to you (over the weekend mind you) and back to you within 3 days. Perfect ill just go hop on my pheonix and get right on that! So I leave. That man in the red suit comes running out saying "what? your leaving?" oh gosh. Im trying to shake him off. He asks me if I work at a restaraunt in town... "nope no I don't work at all," I lied. Ok nice to meet you gotta go! Man it was just what i did not need. So I drive home, petrified of being pulled over again, with an expired license. Again. I get home, call and pay the darn ticket. DONE. Nope think again. My computer screen decides that it wont turn on. Hm yay for technology. And thanks Logan City for your convinient and efficient services.


  1. This guy at costco was talking about his book and my mom asked:

    "What age level are these books written for?"

    and he said, looking at me,

    "Probably your age! How old are you? Thirteen?"

    So really, people just have no grasp on ages. One day they ask if I'm pregnant, the next day someone thinks I'm 13.

  2. that sucks, but is kind of funny, I won't lie, I laughed out loud at your expense a few times, hope you'll forgive me. Don't feel bad about looking like a teenager, a traveling (and annoying salesman) came to our house the other day and when I answered asked if the "mother of the house" was home, then looked down at my big old belly and said, "oh, you are the mother of the house", next time I'm going to say I'm a teen mom and spare myself from listening to their spiel. I'm excited to see you soon!

  3. That sucks and kind of funny for me....... So I have been subbing and I worked the most when I was pregnant, and were talking BIG pregnnt. I was probably mistaken 5 or 6 times for a Jr High student. Jr High are, you kidding me, a pregnant Jr HIgh student. Ugh retarded people haha.