Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Yummy cheesecake? Only to some...

I know that many of you will be aghast when I say this, but.... I hate cheesecake. I have never liked it. EVER. So My little brother is moving down to college this week so I wanted to do something special for him. I found this recipe in a Martha Stewart cupcake book and decided to give it a go. His favorite is desert is cheesecake, so how bad could it be right? I mean I just have to make it, not eat it. (a good thing.. meaning I wont eat more unneeded sugar) So I get the ingredients together and I realized why I despise it so much... it calls for 2 lbs of cream cheese, which I hate, and for sour cream, also one of me deepest disgusts. I'm still thinking... Ah it wont be that bad? Wrong, very wrong. I start opening the cream cheese packages and I literally started to gag. I guess I should take a moment to explain one of my other weird qualities... my sense of smell. Its pretty intense. My dad always says I should have been one of those smell testers.. I think I would have died. Smells are very strong to me. all the time. Which makes life a little hard sometimes.. I could always smell things before anyone else. The bad milk in the fridge. I could pick out what my dad was cooking the second I walked in the door, not just generally but I could tell him the kind of fish it was and what he used to cook it with, plus all of the added sides. I'm weird I know.  One time I came home from school and came in and said.. it kind of smells like fish. My dad had eaten fish two days ago. He was in shock. haha its pretty funny sometimes. Mostly a curse when it comes to cheesecake at least. People always look like they are in heaven when they sink their teeth into a delicious slice of cheesecake. I wish I knew the feeling... Anyway so i had to have Steve open all the packages and put them in the bowl. I had to plug my nose the entire time I made it. It only got worse when I added the sour cream. I really did not anticipate it would be this bad.  They turned out great and I'm sending them off to my brother tomorrow! Love you Andrew, you know I do to embark on such a difficult and deliciously disgusting task. You are welcome

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  1. Good luck when you are prego Medu! Smells are not a huge issue for me but it does get worse with pregnancy. What a good sister you are!