Thursday, December 16, 2010

All nighter print extravaganzas

So I finally am finished with finals!!! I use the word finished lightly. I still have a lot of work to do on my prints. My projects just took up more time then I had anticipated. My woodcut project was mighty large. I really like whats happening with it, but it isn't finished. I will post some pictures soon, once I have it finished or at least closer to finished then it is now.

I have spent the last two weeks barely sleeping. I spent a few nights staring at my computer creating that website and working on my portfolio and then for the past week have spent countless hours in the printmaking lab. I love it though. I have a couple of really great friends that I've made and its so fun being there working together and getting advice and ideas from each other. (not to mention all the Diet DP we share) I'm such an addict but I love diet DP I swear if you try it you will be surprised how good it is. I would not have survived finals week without it! Anyway several of those nights (I think at least 5) I was at the lab until 4:30 working. I posted about my huge block (which is 3' x3') My muscles are so weak and tired from carrying and carving that thing. I would go home and feel so stiff and just fall into bed feeling like I would die in my sleep. Standing, carving, lifting, cleaning... for hours at a time.

So last night Lisie, Alisa and I stayed in the lab ALL night working on our projects for our advanced print class. It was madness I tell you. We didn't leave until 7 this morning as the sun was coming up. It was good to have company but by the end of the night we were all going crazy. Its quite funny how strange things happen when you are tired. I just end up saying really bizarre things. Alisa kept falling asleep in funny places, once while researching reading a print book and also I caught here sleeping standing at her drawer. It was hilarious. Its been a long couple of weeks for us all. It feels so good to be done with this semester. Things were really stressful and busy, so it feels great to be done. It is really feeling strange that I will be graduating in the spring. I don't know what I will do with myself. School has been my life for the past umpteen years. I really do enjoy school and I love art and design. I am seriously considering getting a MFA when we move for Steve to go to grad school. I love how much more I appreciate design and art from what I have learned. Why ever stop learning? I sound crazy, maybe that's the tired talking? Who knows. But I am excited for the time I have left and what's to come. Now time for relaxation. I love this time of year and I can't wait to finally be able to enjoy it!

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