Monday, December 20, 2010

December Eighteenth

        One year later.....

Please allow yourself to laugh at the picture above. hehe I love Steve so much! It is so funny how many people don't recognize Steve with all of his facial hair and long hair.  I really don't mind it, I think he looks great! What's even funnier is that a guy he works with thought he was 33 years old... (oh and another fellow employee told him he thought I was somebody's little sister, like 15 years old). Anyway Saturday the 18th was our one year anniversary! First of all I cannot believe it has been a year since that day! It's crazy, even though it feels like we have always been together.

So as luck would have it we had two family Christmas parties planned on our anniversary. We stopped by both of them and stuffed ourselves. Then we went to check into the hotel we had reserved. Steve ran to check in, while I lazily sat in the car. Ick it embarrasses me to admit what a girl I was being.. anyway Steve ran in and one of my friends from high school, Jaten Mcgriff. He was working the front desk! I love that kid. He was such a good friend in high school to me. He is in my brothers program at the U and is really good friends with him now. Small world! So he gave us a sweet and a free breakfast (which was amazing!)

We ended up eating some of our wedding cake which was delicious! I was certainly surprised. My best friend Lainie's mom made it and she is an amazing baker, let me tell you. It tasted great, and that's after a year of sitting in a freezer. We had it wrapped 14 times (7 tin foil layers, 7 plastic wrap layers) It turned out to be a really fun day!

So after we went swimming at the hotel we came back to our room (starving) we noticed at the elevator that someone had left a perfectly good dominos pizza there... to waste! Oh my gosh it smelled good. We were very tempted to eat it. How gross right? Well....................You can stop worrying and thinking we are some disgusting dumpster diving crazies. We didn't eat it. Man it took some will power, we passed it several times during the stay and every time got more difficult to resist. Who throws out half a pizza? Stupid. Anyway we had a great time. I feel even closer to Steve then I was before. Allow me to get mushy here for a sec. I love Stephen so much. He is such a wonderful husband, and friend. I've never met a more gentle and kind guy in my life, and I couldn't be prouder of him. He works so hard for everything in his life. He is smart and humble and I love his little quirks (come on we all have them).  Can't wait for this next year :)


  1. Congrats! Tell Steve I think he looks like a mountain man with all his hair... or a grizzly bear, he can take it however he wants :) Can't wait to see you!

  2. You guys are so cute. When are we going to get to see you both?

  3. oh yeah! get that cake eaten! congrats on the one year! woot!