Friday, February 4, 2011

Just another post

I haven't posted in a while so.... what's new, lets see. I started my last semester of school at Utah State in January. I think I have mentioned that. I am taking a lot of printmaking this semester (which I LOVE) and then two BFA classes for our end of the year/graduation shows. I think we are going to have some really great shows. I am excited! I also got an internship with the University this semester. I am helping the College of Humanities and Social Sciences with their design. It should be pretty fun. I have enjoyed it so far. Ill have some good experience at least. And I love the people I work with. I guess that's all you can ask for... well maybe some money to go along with it might be nice, but such is life. You have to start somewhere right?

On another note, my brother Marcus leaves for Germany on Monday! I am extremely excited and "overfloating" with jealousy. (made up that word in my early childhood) He is going to be great. He is an understanding and peaceful person. I'm sure he will do great things out there!

For the biggest news..... drum roll please. I am going to St Louis in March for the Southern Graphics Print conference! I am so excited. Kathy (printmaking professor) is taking us the week after spring break! (two weeks off, yes ill take it!) Its going to be amazing! Ill have more to share when I go :) Can't wait!

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