Friday, February 4, 2011

Mullet anybody?

This is Steve. He is my husband. I am not ashamed. He is freakin the coolest! Enjoy

the After

A little close up... just to disturb haha

 Explanation.... In high school Steve played for the Rugby team and every season he would grow out his hair and then cut it into a mullet for a few weeks before their first game. Now his senior year it was EXTRA long and EXTRA... well lets just say mullety. So many people asked me if I was embarrassed by my ridiculous red neck boyfriend. My response to these fools.  No you heartless idiots, this kid is the shiz and I love him. (I may be fudging the wording just a little, but I was definitely thinking those exact words every time.) Who can say their husband/significant other has the guts to pull off this do? Me. me alone. Anyway so he grew his hair and conquered once again. I love my mullet Stephen!


  1. ha! i love this! this is so something cade would do. we both have white trash husbands. yay for us!

  2. I think it's nasty, not gonna lie, but I love that you are such a cute wifey! Love you guys!