Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Chronicle Dreams

I will be graduating in under 3 weeks. This still baffles me. I know I mention this far too often. I sort of feel like a really annoying broken record. This is my life though so I guess I'll just go on and share. Feel free to just look at the pretty pictures if you'd rather.  I seriously never understood why people freak out and complain when they are graduating. I always thought I would be so calm and composed when the time came for me to move on. Apparently several sodas a Cafe Rio salad (forced down with a swirling stomach of stress and anxiety) and a good sob later... I realize I am kinda loosing my cool here. I don't have a plan, which at moments in my life feels really exciting, but then again its frightening. Especially since I am kind of stuck in Logan for the next year. First of all, job hunting is miserable. I walked into a bunch of places yesterday that I don't even care to work at, only to be greeted by frowning, sometimes terribly rude employees telling me they aren't hiring but I can turn in an application anyway. There really is no second of all just stress about the first of all. To give credit the man at Hobby Lobby was very gracious, but again, not hiring. Anyway, since all of my hopes and dreams aren't suddenly appearing as a walk on graduation day, I'll just tell you about my dream.

I have had this dream that seems untouchable and unreachable for a while now. I guess you could call it a secret dream, I really do get warm tingles at the thought of myself working for this company. I am in LOVE with Chronicle Books. I love everything I see on their site. Books like these...
I get all giddy when I see the wonderful designs of the covers and dream about what treasures I'd find inside. I have mentioned before I have a slight addiction to books. You add in creative design and well, you don't get any better then that. I would absolutely love to work for them and live in San Francisco. It would really be a dream. Maybe I will find myself in reach of this dream someday, but until then I will just drool over all the books I want to buy. Drool with me here.  If only I had the money.... or the decisiveness to choose just one.

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