Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday Thinkers

Lately I have been having these really great original, world changing thoughts go through my head when I am trying to fall asleep, or while taking shower, and I never write them down. I am currently sitting here kicking myself trying to think of the one that came to me this morning. I even thought to myself while thinking it, "I think I'll blog about this." I've been stirring my brain trying to revive the thought for the last 20 minutes. It is driving me nuts. I really should write them down. They are always so clever and quirky. Little tidbits that just make me grin dimple to dimple. I guess they were never meant for anyone's mind but my own. Maybe that is best. Maybe I would send them out into the inter-webs and realize they weren't as amazing as i had imagined them in my mind. I guess we may never know the answers to those little questions.

Today is Wednesday. A dreaded day in my week. Not because of stress or circumstance, but because of the exceptionally long and lethargic boredom which I face every afternoon. Six straight hours at the library. I know this sounds like a cake walk, but it is not. I guess that phrase doesn't really make sense to me, this in no way would compare to walking around eating a delicious piece of cake. So I must correct that thought before it leaves the fibers of your brain by saying, I would give anything for a piece of cake right now. Even a boring, bland piece of cake with no delicious frosting or sprinkles. I have however enjoyed my job here at the library despite my negativity on the subject and the increasing amount of helpless adolescents. It is time. Time to move on.

I have reached that inevitable point that comes with any low paying, part time job in customer service. I have worked here for 5 years now. Yes you heard me right FIVE... YEARS. I need to find another job. I don't want some meaningless part time job, but as time moves more steadily forward, I find myself without connections to something better, so it is looking like my only option at the moment. I need a miracle people. I need someone to call me up and offer me an amazing job I can't resist. Does that ever happen? I really wish it did. Job hunting is something I highly detest, as do most people with a sane state of mind. You could have guessed as much when I told you I have worked at the same job for five whole years now.  So on I go to find the perfect job. Send some luck my way pretty please.  *little side note. I added this sentence so there wouldn't be an orphan on this line. I am so design savvy.


  1. I'm so glad you added the extra sentence. Ha ha :)

  2. poor lil 'almost' orphan. way to be.