Saturday, July 2, 2011

Spectacles of all sorts

For the past I don't know how many years, my family has attended the fireworks show in Logan. It is a really great family tradition started by my Fathers parents and now carried out by my Dad and our family. My dad used to make and set off fireworks when he was young until my mother watched him do a show and objected to his continuance in this job. This was back before electronic advancements when they had to run and light each firework individually. Kind of dangerous, which is why I am sure my mother objected. This was also a dangerous art in which my father's pyro loving personality was drawn to but followed my mothers wishes. Now he just has to enjoy the spectacle like the rest of us.  Only a number of us could attend this year, but the fireworks were incredible! We had a grand ol time eating kettle corn and drinking diet coke. Speaking of spectacles, for Steve's birthday he got a new pair of glasses. I think he looks so handsome in them of course. Here is a photo of us at the fireworks. I thought it would be fun to play around with some bright colors in light of the holiday. I hope you all have a a fun 4th!

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