Friday, September 2, 2011

Thirty Thousdand Pounds of . . .

I have not written in ages. I have been feeling incredibly drained and unable to write anything that could possibly hold a minutes interest for anyone. Does that sound negative? Well yes, I suppose it does. I shouldn't be negative. Life is seemingly pretty good. I got a job as a designer for the Utah State Admissions office. The hours and pay are good. I love the job. Love the people. I have a great best friend and husband to be with every day. Fine friends. Even finer family. Seriously you can't go wrong with all that right?

Well, Monday struck like 30,000 pounds of bananas. I reference a Harry Chapin song my Dad used to play for us youngsters. A sad but peppy ballad that we couldn't get enough of. One Man + 30,000 lbs of bananas + 45 degree decline + failed brakes. You can probably guess the outcome. A tad morbid? Yes. but we loved it. Still do. It's a great tune. Check it out he is a master balladeer). ANYway. I found myself up on campus amongst excited students recently returned from what is always inevitably too short of a summer vacation. I listened, against my will, as young and quite irritating freshman girls flirted with oh so....uh I can't find the right word. Gentlemen would be giving them too much credit so I'll just say boyish fools, "oh my gosh like no way are you totally serious?" Now I know I never sounded that intelligent, but did I ever look that young as a freshman? Do I still look that young? Apparently I do, according to many gas station and grocery attendants, not to mention book store attendees.

Alas I was not one of them. I found myself longing to be them against my better judgment. Yearning for the excitement of going to new classes and meeting new people, in hopes of making long lasting friendships and of course an occasional frustrating enemy. As the past 5 days have gone by I have slowly begun to accept my fate. Although I am no longer a student I will always be grateful for my experience at Utah State both the bitter and the sweet. It is one of the most amazing places I think I will ever know. I learned more about myself then I believed I ever would. And although at times I might have wanted to rip someones hair right out of their head, and mock those fools who dared prove to me their imbecilic ways, I really enjoyed my educational journey. I am truly sorry to those that may have unjustly fell victim to my strong willed strikes, you were a part of crucial part of my educational pursuits. Someday maybe you will learn what I was trying to push into your tiny little brain? Whether or not you do, I became strong willed, yet bendable with time spent in those angsty classroom settings with all of my fellow students. For that I can never be grateful enough.

I am trying to keep my creative juices in tact, so here is a new pattern I made. Which do you like best?


  1. don't be sad my lil melissa! if it makes you feel better i'll go hang out on campus with you :) but i like the top pattern best. love that color combo! well done!

  2. I seriously tear up sometimes when I think about college sometimes. It's a great time in life. Don't feel bad that you miss it. It just goes to show how awesome that phase of life really was. I'll bet you're enjoying making money now!! You're a real adult... Crazy, huh? Oh and I like the top one! Beautimous Dew. You're so talented.