Sunday, September 18, 2011

Another Goodbye

Well here we are again saying our goodbyes. My parents and I dropped off my youngest brother Andrew to the MTC on Wednesday. It's so hard to know how to feel when you have ten seconds to hug goodbye and then he is off to his new adventure. Poor guy. I can't imagine all of the things that go through those young missionaries heads as they walk away from their families to the unknown.

My family is very close. It wasn't always that way. We have all had our spouts and arguments, but over the years we have all become closer then I think many families ever get. We love each other so much. That is a hard thing to find these days. It is so wonderful to have four amazing brothers. I love it. They were always so kind to include me in their games, even if I received the bent ninja turtle sword, or the other second rate weapons to defend myself. I never felt left out. That is pretty cool considering I was a girl and despite all of their best efforts I owned a doll or two... and an occasional barbie. (guilty)

Andrew was my little guy. My mom tells me that I always wanted to be the one to carry him places, or take care of him. This gives me hope that maybe, just maybe someday I wont be terrified of having children. Somewhere deep down there I have what it takes to be a mother. Anyway I remember how much fun we would have playing with our stuffed animals and beanie babies. He has the most contagious laugh. I can still hear it in my head. So dang cute. That smile would go from ear to ear and there was no resisting that cute little guy. I cannot believe how grown up he is. It is unbelievable! I know he will make a great missionary. He has the social skills to rival my mother (the social butterfly of the century). I am so grateful to have such a wonderful brother! I am so jealous that he will be spending his time in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Love you Andrew!

 My parents are so cute right? They are now officially completely empty nesters. Although we kids come back too often to consider them officially empty quite yet.

I just thought this one was cute.

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