Thursday, February 11, 2010

So the past couple of weeks have had some interesting and very entertaining events... where to even begin... lets see..

Vacuum Tragedy 1010

so I decide to be a good wifey and vacuum the apartment... too bad im a fool and wear my cute scarf from Europe to do so... Vacuum + cute scarf =

Yep your eyes are not fooling you...
I lean over to move the cord and yup sucks my scarf, whilst choking me into the motor. So i'm screaming and steve is on the couch... reading... minding his own business. Finally he notices catches on to my unfortunate circumstances and walks over... so then I sat there and pretended to help Steve unscrew all sorts of screws in the vacuum in order to get the scarf out... and finally after taking the whole thing apart... success! Surprisingly there was minimal damage to my lovely sentimental scarf :) If you don't know by now I am one of the most clumsy people you will ever know... i attribute this beautiful trait to my father, the master of clumsy happenings. I love you Dad. My life would be so boring without the humor of these happenings.

We can build anything... with a little time.. and a wet bottom

So next on the list we begin our handy dandy process of building our new dresser. Ikea style. So when we open it up I thought to myself... ok wow they say these things are easy to put together but gee look at all this hardware... so as i sit to assess how long i think this is going to take us i manage to tip over Steve's water and sit in it... totally soaked through my pants... Keep in mind this is the same day as the vacuum incident, and not the only stupid situation i have managed to get myself into. Anywho so after several hours... or what felt like it, we finally finished!

The infamous 50 Chicken Mcnugs

So story number three. Chicken Mcnuggets. So on a typical Thursday night we are watching some tele and we see this commercial advertising a load of 50 chicken mcnuggets for 9.99 every weekend of February. Wow what a steal we are both thinking... so Friday night date night. Fifty "chicken mcnugs" as Steve so proudly told the woman at mcdonalds drive-thru. So this is so gross and don't judge me.. we ate all 50. and right now you;re thinking oh i bet Steve ate more then her... nope i'm pretty sure it was a pretty even split of 25.. so gross. Not the best idea we've ever had but a deal is a deal and what a sweet deal it was. Let me not forget our sweet diet DPs.

So after we ate this load we get a knock on the door. Our downstairs neighbors' guests couldn't make it to dinner so they invited us over for Kahlua pork.. we couldn't resist... we went. we conquered. with some caramel ice cream dessert. yum.

I'm happy to end this post with some Tucker funny moments
He is the cutest baby in the world. Steve and I love watching him every week... He is so funny.

Laughs at EVERYTHING and is so curious. Its so funny to watch him try to figure things out.

Another one of his favorite yup you got it... snoozing He has many sleeping positions that are hilarious.

1. Fisting his eye.. for some reason he just likes putting his fist over his eye... haha
2. Mr Frog here.. who knows i just thought it was funny sorry if this bores you.
3. My personal favorite...He fell asleep while sitting up. You know when your falling asleep and your head starts bobbing and you get startled awake? Its so much funnier when babies do it!
Anyway so this was pretty funny... just thought id add this: some toe jams... My whole life I don't know the meaning to that phrase... does this resemble anything remotely appetizing.. let alone jam? Just a thought