Wednesday, January 25, 2012

To Create

What could be in this adorable box?

While you ponder on that. Let me tell you about my current situation. I like to mix it up on this blog. I talk about personal things, crafty things, but all the time real and true things.

My life has been, well lets just say not the most exciting lately. I ended 2011 in a bit of a slump. I was working at home (aka spending way too much time sleeping and lounging about watching netflix). This is not great for anybody.  Especially for those of you who may be like me and hate being alone. I swear it does something to you, being lazy. I was not happy. I have never been one to be long term depressive. Of course we all have our days. I feel like for the most part I am an upbeat person. Headstrong and lets be honest a little bit bossy, non of which are conducive to a sit on your butt all day and feel sorry about your life personality.

My parents gave me a sketch journal for my birthday. I don't know what it was but something just flicked on in my head. It was almost like one of those moments if you aren't sure if you should be jumping up and down screaming with joy or smacking your head against the wall for not figuring it out sooner.

With this new excitement still burning inside of me, I made a lot of decisions to change. I have been more active. Hey, those endorphins really do make people pleasant to be around. I have been sketching and creating more and with more purpose. I've been visiting my long lost love, the printmaking lab. I didn't realize how much I had missed it. I even called my mom the other day and told her I wanted to do a cross stitch typograhphic *sampler. I know crazy. I am so grateful for people in my life who support my creative nature.

I was discussing with a friend about what my life would be like if I had done something else. We were laughing envisioning ourselves doing anything but art. I have to say I can't imagine doing anything else.  I wish that everyone could do what they love. The pressures of family and money and well, just life in general often dissuade people from doing what they love to do. For me even if I am only creating for myself and the few who indulge in viewing my art then I feel accomplished for now. Who's to say what the next 10... 20... or 50 years have to hold for me. I hope that I can instill in myself this bit of knowledge to always stay with me, so even when I find myself at a low point I can remember what it feels like to know that what I am doing is right and for me.

Well I believe I have dragged on for longer than any of you care to read.


I have enjoyed making and painting these beads very much. It is almost relaxing to do the monotonous work of molding and painting. Some might think such a thing is tedious, but I love it. I posted a while back about some beads I made in a similar fashion. These were a little simpler so it wasn't as difficult to make a lot of them. I made this latest necklace for my sister in law Liz. I just love how the color turned out.

*At 12 my Mom made me do a sampler to represent a modern day girl's work on a sampler. It would go in a special exhibit at the church history museum she was in charge of that year. (more details another day?) I HATED it. I can't say whether it was just teenage hormones coming on or a real hatred but I feel I must try it again to know for sure.


  1. Melissa! Hello!

    I too need to be doing more creative things. It's a good outlet to create, isn't it? Miss you girl...If you are ever down by Hooper (which is west of Roy if you weren't sure) come visit me! :)

  2. I am in love with that necklace, seriously it is amazing, I'm coveting it right now. I think I feel the same way about creating things, not art obviously, but when I finish one of my sewing projects I feel so good, so happy and accomplished. It's nice we can do things that make us feel good. I miss you. Hope you guys are doing good!

  3. you are so creative dewie. i love that necklace. i'm glad you're reignited your creative flame!

  4. Love you girls. Thanks! Maybe some birthday necklaces are in your future ;)

  5. WOW, Love those beads I need to make some stat. As for the typographic sampler? You have got to, it will be AWESOME! And...I may steal your idea :) Melissa! You are so creative and great I've been making zines at the SLCPL where I work and I feel like you need to come down here make some with me for inspiratiion...because I would like that :)

  6. ooooh Bonnie I am always game for that :) Let's do it!

  7. I LOVE them! You are truly the best!