Wednesday, January 26, 2011


The Alphabet from n9ve on Vimeo.

This video made me grin. Nerdy? Maybe. Just watch it. I promise even if you are not a lover of typography you might think about becoming one while viewing.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

James Victore

On Friday, I attended a workshop at UVU for graphic designer, James Victore.  I was legitimately surprised at how much I took away from the experience. I wasn't really even sure about what he was going to say, or what was going to happen. Ironically, the first thing he talked about was being BRAVE. Being able to, "be the person you want to be, and be cool with it." I think that really applies to anything in life, any career, and anyone's lifestyle. Trying to be anything for somebody else will usually just be frustrating. Be content with being yourself. This has really opened my eyes to how and why I am designing and creating. I have been frustrated with a lot of things over my student career. Like every student I have struggled with what I want to pursue, and who I want to become. I think it will always be a challenge to decide these things in life. You can't always know where your life is going, and its terribly frustrating at times. Another thought that I've been thinking about is why are we always trying to be something or someone else? Are we just not content with what we have made of ourselves? Will I be able to look at my life in 5 years and say, yes, this is where I want to be? This is quite terrifying for me to think about. I've had so many great experiences in the art department here at Utah State. They haven't all been easy, or enjoyable to be honest, but I have learned so much here and met so many wonderful people. I look back to where I was 5 years ago starting here at USU and It is unbelievable how much I have changed. I am excited to continue to learn and to become a better me. (holy cheese fest. sorry all) Hopefully you found something in there useful or inspiring :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

not an addiction, just a love.

There is nothing like a delicious freezer cold Diet Dr. Pepper before an interview. Actually there's nothing like one of these cans anytime of the day. Go get one. They are delicious

Friday, January 14, 2011

Some goals for my soul

I don't know why I've been posting so much? It probably has something to do with the fact that up until this week I have had a lot of free time (I already miss it). Anyway who knows if I will slow down? So I've been thinking about some goals for myself this year. Maybe if I write them somewhere I cant possibly lose them, they will be more affective? We shall see.

1. Read all of Jane Austin's Books
2. No Sugar (not only to lose weight but to have better control of my diabetes.) I have gone two days so far... so its going well haha I really am going to do it. I have an increased amount of ambition for this one.
3. Graduate from College
4. Find a job I will love doing
5. Think more positive things about myself
6. Be less bossy and impatient
7. Use the computer less (such a waste of time)
8. A1C (diabetic test) at a 6.5 or lower
9. Don't cut my hair (trying to grow it out) 
10. Make some beautiful prints to go in BFA show
11. Eat healthier meals (and learn new recipes)
12. sketch or draw something every day
13. Exercise 3+ times a week

Well I love the number 13 so I will stop there. Wish me luck on these. Ill probably add more to the list as more things come to mind :) I have a good feeling about 2011.

extra add ons

14. Stand up to the jerks who try and tell me I cant and prove them wrong
15. Drink 8 glasses of the good stuff (water) a day

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sketchbook Deal

I am usually not too particular about the sketchbooks I use, but for some reason I was having a difficult time choosing what I wanted. I found these beauties at Hobby Lobby. One is 8x10.5 and two are 6x8.5 size. All for.... drum roll 12 dollars. I love a good bargain and these are beautifully made. They have a 30% off sale on all sketchbooks. Check it out.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011



Alright. One word. GIVEAWAY!!! I'm doing a giveaway I think you will like. All you have to do is go to leave a comment and tell me which flower is your favorite. Post this link to your FB to spread the word and you can enter twice. There will be three lucky winners.

First Place three free items

Second Place two free items 

Third Place one free item

I will choose the winners using a random number selector. Good Luck! Leave your email or a way to contact you so that I can send you your prize :)

Winners will be announced on Wednesday the 19th

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Graduating? WHAT?

So I've started my last semester at Utah State. It is a very strange feeling. I keep having mixed feelings about the whole thing. I am definitely excited to move on but there are points where I know that I will miss being in school. I am doing a double emphasis in graphic design and printmaking. I have completely fell in love with printmaking. I love graphic design and what it has taught me as well. I have felt stronger about what I have been doing in printmaking lately, but I definitely believe that design is crucial in anything I do. I love to create things. I always have. Design has taught me so much about creating something beautiful to fill the world with. I love when I see something unexpected that has simplistic beauty. Advertisements in magazines, book covers, the chair that was tipped up in a stack today in my design classroom, or the way sometimes the clutter on my desk creates interesting patterns. Yes, I know I am incredibly strange. I also love seeing some perfectly placed type on a poster somewhere. Design is everywhere and I am so glad that I have learned to notice it and to appreciate its beauty. I have learned so much from my teachers here at Utah State. My printmaking teacher Kathy Puzey (also known as Cathy Puvey) is an amazing woman. She has so much talent and love for the processes in printmaking. I love that she has taught me to embrace the things I create and respond to the things that work in my prints. She has truly helped me develop my love for the creative. (can you use that as a sentence?) I am so grateful to her for inspiring me and helping me achieve what I have been working towards. I would have to say she is one of the greatest teachers this university has to offer. Every teacher should be able to inspire you and help you learn more about yourself like she has helped me. Wow that sounds cheesy, but in all seriousness Kathy is incredible. Another professor that has changed my life is Bob Winward. I was lucky enough to go on a design study abroad trip to Switzerland a few summers ago. This man's heart is in the right place. He has so much zest for design and for beautiful things. He is all about helping you find out about yourself and the work you create. I just remember looking up to him and wanting to learn all about the things he had to show us. Switzerland started a huge transformation for me and my art. I really don't think I would be where I am without it. I also took a class from him a few semesters ago that really inspired me. He has a way of giving you hope and getting you excited about design. This has been an extremely cheesy post, but whatevs I'm cool with it. I am excited for whats next. Ill be staying in Logan for another year until Steve finishes and then I'm seriously considering (pretty much already decided) to go to grad school in printmaking/letterpress... who knows!

Sunday, January 9, 2011


So I finally got brave and took the plunge. I used to cut my bangs all the time in high school and my early college days, but for some reason lately I have been really afraid of cutting them. I love having bangs but I have been lazy and clipping them back every day. I've been growing out my hair for the past year or so and my bangs have grown out quite a bit. I was bored last night and just decided to do it. They are by no means professional but hey, it was free :)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Chocolate Mint Heaven

Look at this beautiful cake my family got for me. My dad always picks the most beautiful cakes for me (im a girl, i appreciate it) Not only were the flowers the most beautiful I have ever seen, but it was delicious! It was a chocolate mint. My favorite! YUMMY

Grey Bird Pin

I found a great tutorial for this pin on this site. It was really easy and it would look great on a sweater or bag, even a headband :) oh by the way Steve and I bought a camera from Costco with the gift card my parents gave us for Christmas. I love it. Its just a simple point and shoot but it takes great photos! It's amazing the camera you can get these days for only 100 bucks.

Friday, January 7, 2011

twenty three and change

Well ladies and gentlemen.... I am now Twenty Three years old. It is crazy to think about. I know its not that old but seriously that's a big chunk of time. I had a wonderful birthday this year. My sweet Stephen gave my mario kart for our wii (I used to be the master of this game our freshman year on the N64) Has anyone tried to play with that steering wheel thing on the wii?... it is difficult. Needless to say, I have a lot of practicing to do if I ever want to obtain my master status again. It has been so fun playing the wii with Steve. We got the old school Mario with our system for Christmas and Steve and I have been playing it trying to go through and beat all the levels. It is so funny how our personalities show through how we play the game. Interesting. Anyway... So for my birthday we had a bunch of family come up to our place in Logan and celebrate by making my favorite dinner. Gnocchi (ni-yokee) It is a delicious Italian dish that my great grandmother made. She taught us all how to make them. I have always loved the process. So you cook your potatoes. Mix with flower (this is the hardest part... there is a consistency that they are supposed to have that is just learned. You just have to know when there is just the right amount of flower.) it is still difficult to know. Then you roll it out in snake form and cut them into little inch squares. Now my favorite part. You use a fork and your thumb to roll out the gnocchi. there are fork tine marks on one side and a thumb indent on the other. Then you throw them into boiling water and when they float to the top they are done. You take them out and layer them with sauce (my dad made some delicious sauce this year. Oh man I don't know how he does it. He is an incredible cook.) and cheese. Then eat!!! It was so fun having so much family over. It got kinda crazy when all of the nephews got there but we had so much fun seeing everyone! I love getting together with family.

My parents gave me some beautiful books (they always give the best books of course, being the book lovers) One of the books is called The Exquisite Book. Some artists arranged over 100 artists to create exquisite corps. You remember when you were little and you used to take turns with friends drawing a part of a person, someone draws the head the next the body, the next the feet, you get the idea. The art in this book is so beautiful, The pages fold out to show the whole string. I LOVE It.
The other book they gave me also has beautiful artwork. Its called the secret lives of princesses. Its all about different princesses such as princess somnia. Its pretty great. The illustrations are beautiful and have so many intricate details. There is nothing like a beautiful book. I love books! Thank you mom and dad :) I got lots of great gifts from family! I love them all! 

On another note I have been making some new headbands... I love this one what do you think??