Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cheers to cold toes and warm bellies.

I live in Logan. If you know anything about Logan you know that it is known for its bitter and miserable winters. I don't get into winter sports and sledding just scares me* so there isn't a whole lot to do when it hits January for me. This year we have been lucky enough to have our winter postponed a smidgen. But as all good things do, our beautiful fall weather had to come to a dismal end. Stormy, wintery Logan days like today make a warm drink a necessity for survival. And what better way to ingest warm hot chocolate then from one of these? 

My friend Mandy and I have been crafting on occasion and we painted these mugs a while back. You can pick some porcelain paint or pens from any craft or art store. They have so many beautiful colors; it was difficult to choose. Pens might have been an easier option. If you are not equipped with a steady hand and an ability to just let mess ups and globs work to your advantage, I would definitely go with the pens... However, the paint lifts off the surface and gives it a dimensional quality that I rather enjoy. So maybe try both? You decide. You can use mugs you already have or find some like I did from the local thrift store. I found this delicious set of eight for 50 cents each.

After painting them, I decided to send one across the ocean to my brother in Germany for Christmas. He has since enjoyed many tummy warming beverage delights (Hot Cocoa and marshmallow style). There is something about drinking out of an artistic mug that makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.
How about you?


* I know this sounds incredibly wussy, but people keep dying and getting hurt doing it... I guess I'm just      not as daring as I used to be. 


  1. I recently did this as well! I actually used the pens and they worked just great! I wanted to try the paint time! I love ceramic pens they are amazing! :) your cups are so cute I love them! Nicely done!

  2. how fabulous :0) i've been wanting to craft...mug is a perfect idea xo

    love your blog,

  3. How are you so artsy awesome?!?