Sunday, August 29, 2010

Excited for school... because of clothes?

So in honor of school starting yet again this fall I was thinking about when I was little and my mom and I would go school clothes shopping :) It was sort of like an escape for my mom and me. I have four brothers and the house full of boys could get a little bit overwhelming sometimes. I just loved going shopping with my mom! You always think that your mom doesn't have style and wouldn't know what clothes were cool, but looking back all of the things my mom would pick out were always my most successful clothing. Ya, my Mom has got style! My mom also wouldn't let us wear what we got before our first day of school.... I remember it being so exciting to wear the new clothes the first days... weeks... months... haha sometimes we got a little carried away. I'm the only girl...I admit it finally, my parents spoiled me.  I don't know why I've been thinking about that feeling lately, but it really was something that got me excited for school. what ever works I guess haha Thanks Mom! I love you!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Must unexpected turns always accompany the things I do?

I had a wonderful experience this weekend! Before I get to the good part Ill explain the drama that inevitably has to accompany the great. So Steve and I drove down to Ogden to go camping with his family. It was so much fun! All of the little nephews are so adorable, my word. Anyway so I signed up for a letterpress class with Sycamore Street Press which is located in Heber. Somehow I was led to believe it would only take an hour to get there from where we were... So as im somehow finding my way out of the canyon, trying to use the GPS on my phone I found myself a bit confused. Needless to say I was in a panic, realizing that I still had 2 hours to go and it was now 9:00 (the class started at 10) So of course being the ridiculous female extremist that I'm guessing we all find ourselves being sometimes, I called my dad in hysterics. Sobbing I try and explain my disposition to my dad. I finally decided on the best route (thank you dad for your patience) and was on my way. I have to admit I was speeding most of the way, figuring I could cut the time... While in Park City I was going 90 (shhh don't tell) and passed two cops. The heavens must have been in my favor because they somehow didn't find the need to pull me over. phew!! All in all I made it, only 20 minutes late. It was a great experience! Kirk and Eva have a wonderful shop and beautiful work! You should check it out for sure! We got to make 25 cards and lined envelopes to go with them. I love letterpress! I'm now thinking I want to do a masters at the U for letterpress. What do you think?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

At the end of the day, I just have to chuckle

So all I'm going to say is I caught someone stealing juice from me.  A little can of juice I have in case my blood sugar goes low so I  don't pass out and die. A juice that may or may not have saved my life in the questionable future. We will never know because it was stolen, gulped and crushed to the culprits satisfaction. Proof? The can in question was found in connection to the culprit. (in a trash can to be exact) hidden under a piece of paper. Yep I investigated, and yes I found the evidence. The funny thing is, I would have gladly shared with this parched individual.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Yummy cheesecake? Only to some...

I know that many of you will be aghast when I say this, but.... I hate cheesecake. I have never liked it. EVER. So My little brother is moving down to college this week so I wanted to do something special for him. I found this recipe in a Martha Stewart cupcake book and decided to give it a go. His favorite is desert is cheesecake, so how bad could it be right? I mean I just have to make it, not eat it. (a good thing.. meaning I wont eat more unneeded sugar) So I get the ingredients together and I realized why I despise it so much... it calls for 2 lbs of cream cheese, which I hate, and for sour cream, also one of me deepest disgusts. I'm still thinking... Ah it wont be that bad? Wrong, very wrong. I start opening the cream cheese packages and I literally started to gag. I guess I should take a moment to explain one of my other weird qualities... my sense of smell. Its pretty intense. My dad always says I should have been one of those smell testers.. I think I would have died. Smells are very strong to me. all the time. Which makes life a little hard sometimes.. I could always smell things before anyone else. The bad milk in the fridge. I could pick out what my dad was cooking the second I walked in the door, not just generally but I could tell him the kind of fish it was and what he used to cook it with, plus all of the added sides. I'm weird I know.  One time I came home from school and came in and said.. it kind of smells like fish. My dad had eaten fish two days ago. He was in shock. haha its pretty funny sometimes. Mostly a curse when it comes to cheesecake at least. People always look like they are in heaven when they sink their teeth into a delicious slice of cheesecake. I wish I knew the feeling... Anyway so i had to have Steve open all the packages and put them in the bowl. I had to plug my nose the entire time I made it. It only got worse when I added the sour cream. I really did not anticipate it would be this bad.  They turned out great and I'm sending them off to my brother tomorrow! Love you Andrew, you know I do to embark on such a difficult and deliciously disgusting task. You are welcome

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Gag me with a spoon, please.

Gag me with a spoon, please. I learned this phrase from my father. He is a hilarious man, all growing up he would say these clever sayings that I may have not realized their totally perfect nature until the later years of my life. This phrase has been part of my vocabulary since I began to speak. Now It may sound weird to you but I find it quite fitting in certain occasions. Let me give you some examples. You're minding your own business and you walk past what would be a lovely couple, if they werent enthralled in eachothers arms eating eachothers faces. Gag me with a spoon, please. Or lets say someone does something that really makes you angry, something you just wish you could expulge immediately from your memory. Gag me with a spoon, please. A girl throwing herself upon the man you love. Gag me with a spoon, please. The thought of spending 8 hours sitting in a chair at a desk every day. Gag me with a spoon, please. I think you probably get the gist. Im just sayin. its a perfectly good way to express total annoyance, irritation, and/or complete disgust. Thank you Daddy!

Monday, August 9, 2010

I already know im short, but come on! At least give me a peep hole I can use...

We have a beautiful new door! This seems like such a lame thing to be posting about, but I couldnt be more excited about it.. our old door was ridiculously terrible. There were cracks in which you could see the sunlight through.. Not only that, the casing around the door hardly filled the space. May not seem like such a big deal, but come on we live in Logan where the winters are relentless with killer cold. AND there was no dead bolt. Hello people who steal things, come rob us. Needless to say not very safe. I know its Logan, but come on people crime happens every day, everywhere.. You cant ever just think it wont happen to you. Anyway enough of that. So the men come hammering at 8 am... yuck.. I still refused to get up early..gotta have my beauty sleep. So for the whole early morning we have had the door in with no casing or hardware. Pretty. So i walk up to this lovely new door and realize I cant even see out of the peep hole.. not even on my tip tipiest toes. This is not cool. I am the only one in the house who even gives a lemon to look out of it, and now I cant even see out of it. Yes, I am grateful for my new door, not so much for my lack of height...

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My heart almost stopped when I saw these at walmart last night... Steve and I went to buy a bookcase.. which we did. and which we almost returned because of the wobbly nature we found ourselves in until we nailed on the backing... It was pretty hilarious. Thank you wal mart... Anay back to my heart stopping. I absolutely love this dinnerware set. It would go perfectly with my other dinnerset (only have four place settings of) so its only natural i should add to my set. I like the mismatch feel i think and i just am in love with the color green. Seriously. I see it, its green, i want.

I drool for pretty things

This seriously makes me drool....It is such a lovely type of design. I think I want to try my hand at this!

Monday, August 2, 2010

For Lack of a Better Title: Tuition is Stupid

I find it rather ironic that I was boasting to my father yesterday about how after my grants I only had to pay 25 dollars this semester for school... only to find out that my tuition payments had increased by over 200 dollars? What the? So I call up the Registrars office and they inform me that by taking one more measly credit (I jumped from 12  credits to a wopping 13) My tuition went up 200 dollars. I keep telling myself... its my education its worth it. Im still mad. When my parents went to school they payed about 100 dollars per semester... there rent was also 105 dollars a month... if only I could go back in time, back to the future style. I hate money.