Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fun for your hair i promise!

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Memento Paranoya

So I can not help myself, this story is incredibly funny. Steve and I were at my parents house this weekend and we convinced my dad to stay up late and watch a movie with us. Memento. If you havent seen it this may not seem as funny, so you should see it. We were going to watch it in my old bedroom, which is now the guest bedroom slash all my moms cool stitching.. sampler..little drawer room. So we put the movie in and the menu has this strange format where there were about 35 words on the screen and you had to find the "watch" one and click on it to start the show... well we had no remote to that DVD player... so we couldnt scroll down to the right one. We disputed with my brothersfor a while because they didn't want to move the xbox from the room downstairs so we could watch it. After a long while my dad finally went into his study and tore out his player to bring up stairs. He grabbed his diet coke (first frozen in the freezer, then put in the fridge to dethaw, I love my dad) and went upstairs. We got it all hooked up and my dad yells down the stairs to me and tells me to grab the remote on his desk.... I look for 5 minutes and to my dismay cant find it. At this point we have all gone up and down the stairs a bajillion times and it is now nearing midnight. We all scowered the office and other places that we think he could have moved the remote. Nowhere to be found. We figured out that one of the remotes to the other players worked. What a relief. So we watched the movie (great movie by the way, we were on a Chris Nolan kick after seeing Inception, which if you havent seen you must go see it! One of the best shows I have seen in a long time. There is no way you could be disappointed). So the main character in the movie (Memento) has a short term memory problem and cant remember things or retain memories. This will come into play later. o We were talking after the movie in my parents room and my dad (at the top of the stairway) gasps and runs down the stairs. My mom, Steve and I just laugh. This is normal behavior for my dad (and myself) we are constantly hurting ourselves and/or crying out for inanimate objects. So a few minutes later my dad comes walking up to the room and throws a controller on the bed.. "guess where i found it?" This is no joke. yup he found it in his pocket!!! It was sitting in his pocket through the entire search and the entire movie until he realized it was there! Now he is paranoyed that his life has become Memento. Like I said... Hilarious