Thursday, September 9, 2010

Just to prove a point...

So this may seem gross to some of you but this is my life. I was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes when I was 9 years old. Its been quite the challenge getting used to it, adapting to it... really a lot of different challenges. annnnyway.. So I find it frustrating that Insurance and everything is so dang hard to deal with... I have no choice, I have to live, meaning I have to spend tons of money on prescriptions.  (Luckily I have the most amazing parents in the world who have helped us out while we are poor) So the above picture is a collection of 355 blood test strips. Mainly just because I am lazy I stow these little babies inside my tester... gross I know but you know I don't really care.  So while in the process of getting insurance through Steve's new job we've been paying almost full price for all of my prescriptions... not fun... so each of these strips cost 1$ yes, each. This means this pile of strips cost roughly 355$ gag! Seriously this is probably about 2 months.. That sucks! Luckily our new insurance has kicked in. Good thing I had insurance for at least a year before, otherwise we would be hit with the whole "preexisting condition" crap. Seriously that is the stupidest thing I have ever heard of! Its not like I can just choose not take my insulin, or test my blood, or go to the doctor. Come on people! Anyway enough of my rant, just thought that this was pretty crazy and that this picture is funny :)

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  1. So glad you have better insurance now! And you know what's funny? I totally just stick them in the zipper pocket of my tester too. Gross - probably, but fast! :)