Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Please Touch The Art.... WHAT?

Sometimes you just need some change. This week has been a downer for me, but I just gotta realize there will always be ups and downs. I just have to look for positive things.. Harder then you think sometimes. Even something as insignificant as a blog header is some good change... I like it. What do you think? Simple. The website I'm designing for myself inspired it. That will come later... after all the coding I'll be doing in order to get it running. Scary stuff. Wish me luck!

On another note... Last week was a good week for me. A lot of things just felt really great. It was just one of those weeks, where you feel on top. Too bad I always find myself being humbled after an extended period of glory.

We had the 7th annual warehouse show. This year it was an interactive show. "Please Touch the Art" I entered my blue woodcuts that I made last semester. The blocks are 17"x17" pretty big. There was a lot of intricate carving involved, this resulted in a LOT of late nights and even more diet DR P. I really like how they turned out.

For the show I was trying to think of a way to make my work interactive. I really like how a woodblock looks when they are carved. I put a lot of small details into these ones. It was a reductive piece, which means you carve one layer and print the lightest color. Print your whole edition and then carve again and repeat. They call them suicide prints... well because I guess you just can't go back. I ended up screwing my four blocks to the wall and then hanging my prints in front of them with magnets. People were then able to lift the print up and see the block behind it.  Like so

So at the reception the professors chose winners for the show... guess what. Yep I won Best of Show. I was not expecting it. It really was really shocking. It took me a second to realize they had called my name. It was awesome! Here is the award. This is going on my resume.

I'm waiting on some photos with me in it with my work. Until then...

Happy Printing!


  1. awesome girl! so proud :) and yes I do love the header. can't wait to see the website inspiration!

  2. You're so cute Dew. I love the new header.

  3. Great job! I think you are awesome! And some times when we are SO OVERLY TIRED, we have down days :) love ya!