Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I have a vice, and I'll keep it.

I don't know where the addiction began. From a friend who had a love for drive through convenience? The cold delicious refresh of liquid on my esophagus, maybe the smooth touch of a freezing can on my fingertips or green metal straw to my lips? Or maybe just maybe it's because I love the feeling of exact change at the checkout counter. Whatever the true answer, the outcome remains, yes, I am addicted to Diet Dr Pepper. I wish I could say that this was my only vice. I am afraid I have more then even I could or would care to discuss. I find myself walking to the staff room with my carefully counted 60 cents, or making the drive to the gas station to claim my free beverage (with my nifty card) with a friend on a late night in the print studio. I ask myself on occasion, "could I stop drinking this on a whim?" or "would I really care if I never had one again?" I probably could, but do I really want to? No. I just love the taste. Love the feel. While some may think me disgusting or unhealthy, I care not for your opinion. At least for now I am happy and pleasant to be around. For now I think I'll keep my friendly and delicious vice. As I sit back and enjoy the instantaneous snap-click of my 12 ounce can, I can't think of a better afternoon snack.

Do any of you have a vice that you aren't ashamed of?


  1. Dr Pepper is amazing. I have too many vices, I don't want to start thinking about them because then I get depressed... Ice cream's up there though:)

  2. I know right. I have so many bad habits! ah well it makes life more enjoyable :)

  3. am i this friend you speak of that inspired your drive through addiction?!?!? because i totally could be :) I too am super addicted which i'm sure you know. accept i'm a mountain dew girl. DRIVE THROUGH SODAS FOREVER!!!!