Sunday, April 10, 2011

Senior BFA Show

This weekend was my senior BFA show. It was a lot of work and stress but it turned out really great. Here is the group of us in front of our exhibit.
It was fun getting to know some of the artists from other departments and getting the show put together. We served pie at the reception which was delicious! Thank you Angies! Here are the pieces I put in the show.

My parents and Steve's came up and it was great to spend time with them! I can't believe I graduate in a month.. It is so weird. I really could not have done it without my family, especially Steve. He is so great and so understanding of how busy I have been and believes in me and everything I want to do. I love him so much.
This next year will be an adventure. It will be fun to see where we are a year from now!


  1. Melissa, your projects look great! Wish we could have seen them. I'm sure you had many sleepless nights. It reminds me of when Jared was displaying his senior BFA projects -- so much hard work. Congrats!

  2. Meliss- Your work looks great! All that hard work payed off!

  3. I found jo BLOG!
    Your stuff is sooo great. Will you sell one to me since I missed the sale? I want to hang it on my wall!
    Also, your UPR stuff is turning out reeeal good. You're da bomb.

  4. Thanks Ladies! Yay Kara I love your blog! And yes I will sell you some art! I have a bunch in my drawer you can come by any time and look through it! Just let me know!

  5. Your art looks amazing! We need to send those to the MOMA in New York:) You're so talented. Has Steve applied for grad schools already?

  6. Haha thanks Lain, Steve is taking the GRE in august and then applying this fall. I am so excited to figure out where we will go! Patience is a weakness this could be a long wait.