Thursday, May 31, 2012

Goodbye Utah, (BIG BANG) Hello Washington DC

Ok ok I am the worst blogger in the world. But since Steve and I are now far away from family I promised my mother and grandmother that I would post more.. I suppose I should catch up on a few things. Ill keep it short.

1. We have moved to Washington DC for the summer
2. Steve will be working for the National Endowment for the Humanities. (Seriously cool)

Like I said short.  I kid.

I will tell you more, but before I move on to sharing our adventures I will talk a little about or Farewell to Utah. It was not easy. We packed up all of our things and stowed them away in my parents garage (thanks again family) for the summer. We said goodbye to Logan, which was admittedly harder then expected. It has been my home for the past... 6 years. I can't believe how long that is now that I am saying it out loud.

Outside of our Apt the last time we were there. 

Our apartment that we lived in for two and a half years. We loved it here! 

It took us FORever to clean out our apt. It was actually quite frightening all the dust and dirtiness... I don't know how people move all the time. It is the worst. Seriously. We spent the last week of our time in Utah going back and forth, back and forth from Logan to Sandy/Draper trying to get everything packed and ready for us to leave.

 The cloudy rainy scary drive one day

The nice pretty drive (also with random filter, I got a new phone and it has some pretty cool camera settings)

We probably averaged about 4 hours of sleep a night that week.  It made from some cranky days (hemm hm Steve) But we survived it. We hopped on a red eye flight to new york and then transferred to another flight to fly to DC. We had a layover in NYC for a couple hours. Tried to sleep, ate some lame airport food and then got on the next flight.

I look terribly sleepy. My eyes are so squinty, yet as excited as they come. 

After the whole thing we were extremely exhausted. It got pretty bad. I conked out on our last flight and don't remember anything. I am pretty sure the flight attendant guy pitied me or something... He nodded and called me sweetheart on the way out underneath a clear giggle. I saw right through that mustached smile...

So we arrived in DC. Now for the interesting part. We each had three suitcases, two of which were pretty handsome in size and weight. We had tried to prepare for carrying these before hand, luckily my Dad knew how stressed I was for this part. He went and bought us some handy straps to connect our luggage to make it easier to carry. Well, we had to catch a bus that would take us to the Metro. After we figured out how to get our suitcases tied together it didn't seem that bad... We got to the metro and it was a whole nother story. Yes nother. We had to cram all of our suitcases through the door and then awkwardly squish onto four different seats... each.. Yes people were glaring. Or so I imagined in my mind. They were probably laughing at us and wondering why on earth we had so much stuff. We looked like idiots. Of course that was not the end of it. We had to make a transfer... We got off and then had to ride an escalator.

UP. with huge bags..
wait wrong way.
back DOWN.
then UP the other way.

Meanwhile Steve trips and falls out of his shoe and almost comes careening down the escalator. Good thing I was there to angrily yell at him as he fell into me. Saved his life, and mine really. We got to the right place and waited for the Metro to show up. It gets there.


Piece of metal from Steve's luggage handle that I am conveniently in charge of goes shooting slow motion into the air and clinks to the ground. God must have been worried about what I would do to Steve if I got left on that platform alone, because some how I made it on the metro before the bag decided to come apart. phew. It was a close one. We somehow made it to our destination stop. The people we are renting from here in Maryland were nice enough to come pick us up from the stop. It is about a 5 minute drive from their house. Our apartment is pretty cool. Tiny, but safe. More on that later. We are so excited to be here and to go explore together.

Stay tuned I have more to share.

Until then, enjoy this beautiful shot of where we get to wander every day.

Love and Miss


  1. Seriously, moving is the world's biggest pain. This post made me laugh though. You talking about lugging your huge suitcases on the metro was eerily similar to my arriving at my study abroad. I had 2 gigantic suitcases on the train that I couldn't really even lift, compounded with the fact that I couldn't speak the language, or read any of the signs, and well, you can see what a state I must have been in by the time I arrived. Strong men strangers were helping me lift them on the train, probably because they were annoying at how slowly I was moving. It's a miracle I made it. Glad you guys are enjoying it now that you've arrived.

  2. Hehe this made me giggle! Glad you guys got there safe! And i hope you have a fabulous time!

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